If a polll was ever taken to rank the best quarterbacks the New York Jets have ever had in franchise history, the top ranked QB would no doubt be in everyone’s mind the one and only Joe Namath.  OK Jets fans, now build a list of the next top four or five QB’s in franchise history.  Got you stumped?  Don’t worry, even hardcore NFL analysts might have a tough time developing a list of top flight QB’s who played for Gang Green.  The revolving door spins so fast at MetLife Stadium that most fans can’t even begin to know who the QB is this week and forget about having any type of consistency in the Jets offense with a true QB leader at the helm.  At this position for the past few decades, the New York Jets look like a flight that got lost off the radar somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle.  We won’t even mention the players who have attempted to fill it at QB for the Jets the last ten to fifteen years – they are all gone and it’s time to build the Jets QB position from the ground up.  Now, I may just be an old high school football coach but it doesn’t take a Vince Lombardi to realize that your offense and your entire team’s mental and emotional stability rely on a solid QB leading your team.

The 2021 Jets get to build the QB position from scratch which may be a good thing –  or another disaster waiting to happen.  After showing Sam Darnold the way to the turnstiles, the Jets set their sights on drafting-in the first round of course-another top notch college QB in the shape of Zach Wilson.  Notice I mentioned college QB since Zach Wilson has never played in the NFL; then again, Jets backup quarterbacks James Morgan and Mike White have zero NFL stats to their names as well.  Morgan, a fourth round draft pick of the Jets last season, never dressed for a game and White, a 2018 fifth round draft pick from the Dallas Cowboys, has yet to take a regular season NFL snap.  At least one thing is certain with the Jets offense this season – the QB position is so raw none of these players will have bad professional playing habits since none of them have any professional playing experience.  Zach Wilson comes highly touted from BYU where he completed 566 out of 837 passes in his collegiate career with 56 TD’s to 15 interceptions and garnered a 162.9 overall rating – fantastic numbers for college but will they translate into success in the NFL where the best of the best college secondary players are now roaming in coverage against you every single week of the regular season?

In all reality, the QB situation may actually be a blessing in disguise.  Three brand new QB’s, all eager to earn playing time in the NFL, starting out with a whole new coaching staff, may be exactly what the doctor ordered for the Jets to revive the offense which has seemed to be on life-support the past few seasons.  New OC Mike LaFleur may become a “QB Whisperer” and develop his play callers into top notch leaders.  A new sense of purpose, pride and whole new sense of urgency seems to be permeating through the Jets organization from new head coach Robert Saleh on down through the Jets ranks.  Let’s be real in the sense that no one is expecting the Jets to win the Super Bowl this coming season.  However, a turnaround of fortunes is long overdue and Robert Saleh, along with his coaching staff, may be able to inject a whole new life into a suffering organization and an end to that suffering begins with new life at the QB position.

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