Jacob deGrom’s MRI came clean last week after Mets doctors and a Los Angeles Dodgers physician checked out his arm.
Remember, it was the same story after his last start against the San Diego Padres where nothing was wrong, yet it recurred.

It should raise questions about what’s going on. deGrom has to be frustrated that he has been coming out of games despite continuing to overwhelm the hitters.

The Mets have to befuddled; Mets fans have every right to be concerned about his shoulder since this could be a problem all season long.

Instead of his starts being a must-see TV, Mets and their fans are going to pray that he makes it out okay in one piece rather than leave the game with an injury or that he does not get hurt the rest of the year.

This is wishful thinking. If this has been a recurrence these last few weeks, it’s a good bet this becomes an issue all season. When he uses his arm to throw at a high velocity, he could aggregate his injury through the violent motion of his shoulder.


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With the Mets still on top in the division, this is the last thing the team needs to worry about. He is their meal ticket. If he is out for any part of the season, the Mets likely will miss the playoffs. That’s why every start he makes will be a concern. If deGrom already left the game several times this season because of a recurring arm injury, it has to be a concern.

Nothing is ever easy for the Mets. There’s always calamity waiting on the horizon for a team used to bad things happening to them.

This isn’t kind. This shouldn’t be happening to the best pitcher in baseball. deGrom is such an amazing talent. He is a must-see TV when he is on the mound. He is the only reason to watch this team, if we’re honest. He brings so much entertainment and joy every fifth day when he strikes out hitters and gets out of jams. His art of pitching resembles Pablo Picasso’s paintings.

One feels for deGrom. Even if you are not a Mets fan, you hate to see this for him when you look at how great he is and the class he conducts himself out there on and off the field. Yes, he’s going to start tonight, but that’s beside the point.

We are waiting to see when he is going to be on the injured list eventually. This is the last thing anyone wants to deal with, especially deGrom. No one wants to freak out about his situation in a season where we should be enjoying right now. But that’s Mets life for you. You expect calamity.

Photo: Jim McIsaac

deGrom has given everything to our collective cause. All he does is win and put out great performances the last few years. He was the only reason to watch the Mets back then. He has only a few good more years in him to do what he is doing. It would be awful if injuries got the best out of him or ruin him for the season and beyond.

Who said life was ever fair? Some teams get privileges and good charm like the Yankees. Then, we got Mets life, which we live through Murphy’s law.

deGrom may look good on his start on Monday. He may be fantastic for a few starts. But yes, pain could be around the corner because it already happened three times this year. It’s the way it goes in a long season where the wears and tears affect a player’s body.

deGrom’s health becomes now a plot of this season for this Mets team.

The Mets can get by without Noah Syndergaard and Carlos Carrasco this season because Marcus Stroman and Taijuan Walker have done a good job of replacing them. They can’t find anyone that can fill the skill set of deGrom. He is just a special player.

Hopefully, for his sake, Mets fans’ sake, and Mets sake, fate will shine on them.

Featured Image: Jim McIsaac
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