The Yankees’ inconsistency needed to be turned around if they wanted a real chance at winning a world championship in 2021.
One of the few things they did consistently other than run the bases very poorly was had no fight when behind.

That changed this week in Buffalo as all three Yankee wins were all in comeback fashion as the Bombers swept the Blue Jays in what seemed like three home games when you listened to the roar of the crowd. 

Photo: AP/Jeffrey T. Barnes

These wins won’t light up the scorebook but are the type of victories that the Yankees will need to have in their back pocket if they want to make a run at this thing. For the Yanks to reclaim the AL East, they would need to win 99 games. That would mean finishing the season going 63-31. That likely is not possible given the hole they’ve dug themselves into already, but we’ve seen those types of runs before by this combination of players.

What would be more likely to happen is a wild card spot, and for that, they would probably need to win 92-93 games which would be 56-38, to finish the season. At first glance, the records look completely different, but in reality, it is just a seven-game drop. Things could start to come together with the returns of Luke Voit, Justin Wilson, and Darren O’Day on the horizon over the next few weeks. 

A bad injury setback for Luis Severino likely costs him another month out. However, it could still return in time to make an impact late in the season and potentially in the bullpen throughout the postseason, barring the Yankees make it there.

Corey Kluber has progressed without setbacks to this point. He is eligible to come off the IL on July 25; Aaron Boone updated reporters on his status Thursday.

“Corey [Kluber] is still just in a throwing program, still just playing catch and doing fine,” Boone said. “But hasn’t really advanced much beyond 60 feet, where he’s pretty much throwing every day and working out.”

Kluber was throwing the ball exceptionally well before he went on the IL.

I said after he threw a no-hitter in Texas that he may be the Yankees’ best acquisition. I will stand by it through the end of the season.

How the Yankees respond to adversity will be how their season is defined.

Featured Image: AP/Jeffrey T. Barnes
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