The New York Rangers have gone through a ton of changes within the past few years.
This past season, the organization did a complete cleaning of the front office and looked to hire.

The main concern for fans was a new head coach. David Quinn did not live up to the expectations fans had and was ultimately fired after only three seasons.

There was a lot of speculation about who could fill this role. Whoever the organization chose was about to have a huge impact on the team, whether it’ll be good or bad only time will tell.

The New York Rangers organization announced the hiring of Gerard Gallant as the new head coach for the 2021-22 season.

Gerard Gallant has coached the Columbus Blue Jackets, Florida Panthers, and the Vegas Golden Knights. Gallant was the first coach for the Knights who were entering their first season as a team in 2017.

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Gallant led the Knights to a 51-24-7 record and brought the team to the Stanley Cup Finals in their first year.

This is a huge positive for the Rangers. During last season, it was obvious David Quinn did not have control over his team. There seemed to be a lot of miscommunication and disconnection that led the Rangers to miss the playoffs once again.

Having this fresh start, the new front office and now new coach, could light a spark in this team. Gerard Gallant has the potential to bring this team back to the playoffs.

Fans should have a lot of faith in Gallant as his career with the Knights proved he is real and hardworking.

The Rangers have a young team and will have respect for a coach who has some experience under his belt, especially Stanley Cup Finals experience.
This upcoming season should be exciting as having a new coach will be a new awakening for both the team and fans.

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