The New York Rangers had a pretty inconsistent season.
There was good, there was bad, but the Rangers failed to make the playoffs in the end.

The Rangers went through a complete front-office change recently. With that being said, the team has a chance to build even more with the draft.

The NHL Draft Lottery aired last night, and the first 15 picks were released. The top pick went to the Buffalo Sabers. The New York Rangers landed the 15th pick of the draft. Although a little low, this is still a great spot for the Rangers to be in.

The Rangers have multiple options on who to pick., one being Matthew Coronato.

Coronato plays on the left-wing. In his career with the Chicago Steels, Coronato had 96 goals and 59 assists.

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Another possible option for the Rangers is Aatu Raty, a center from Finland. He is known to be a quick handler which can be valuable for the Rangers.

It could be possible the Rangers draft a goaltender too. Two possible options for the Rangers could be Jesper Wallstedt or Sebastian Cossa.

Wallstedt is from Sweden and has an impressive save percentage. Cossa is a Canadian goaltender who held a .921 save percentage in the 2019-2020 season.

There are many different ways the draft can go for the Rangers. There isn’t one set position they need to be filled, so they have plenty of options.

It’s also important to consider what the Rangers will do with the Seattle Kraken expansion. That can play a huge role in who the Rangers select with their 15th pick.

The Rangers prospect pool and their minor league team have proven the organization knows how to handle their rookies.
It’ll once again be an exciting year for the Rangers.

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