It has not been a good week for Yankees baseball.
Corey Kluber and Luke Voit are back on the injured list, and the continued lack of production from an offensive standpoint resulted in many ugly losses.

There are many different reasons that people argue as to what the problem is with this team. It is pretty simple what is leading to the regression in the performance of this offense from the last couple of years when you look at some numbers.

The Yankees are last in the league when it comes to the percentage of base runners that score. That is a problem.

When you look at a breakdown of what types of hits the Yankees have this year and how they rank in each category, the problem is clear.

As of 6/6, here is how the Yankees rank:

  • Singles: 227 // 8th
  • Doubles: 59 // 30th
  • Triples: 2 // 30th
  • Home Runs: 62 // Tied-15th

Photo: Matt Slocum

Of those 62 home runs the Yankees have hit, 44 of them have been solo home runs. That is 71% solo home runs, the highest percentage out of any team in the league. Obviously, that leads to fewer runs scored.

That is a pretty clear picture of what has taken place so far this season. There are many players not performing to expectations that contribute to those numbers. DJ LeMahieu is one; he is currently slugging .335. In his first two seasons with the Yankees, he slugged well over .500. Gleyber Torres is another player that contributes to this. The lack of power from him started in 2020. He slugged .535 in 2019 and under .400 since.

The holes the Yankees have had in the outfield, and at first base due to poor performance from players like Clint Frazier, Brett Gardner, Mike Ford, and the injury to Aaron Hicks contributes to this as well.

Knowing that the ball has supposedly been deadened this year definitely contributes to this, but the Yankees have regressed more than most other teams this year. It likely is not reasonable to expect Torres and LeMahieu to replicate their 2019 seasons, but some improvement from them is not just possible; it is needed.
That, along with a trade to fill a hole in the outfield, would greatly help the Yankees get back on track to contend for the American League East.

Featured Image: Matt Slocum
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