Meet the celebrity hair Stylist behind Julius Randle’s famous all-star braids! If you’re a fan of basketball you’ve probably recognized the commotion Knicks fans have been making over the braids they’ve labeled “lucky”.

Photo: Tiffany Mack

Tiffany Mack is the owner of the luxury haircare brand Lucid Bliss, creative director of the “I Am Her, She Is Me” campaign, and the woman behind the hairstyles Randle has found luck with.

Tiffany, a Jersey native has been in the hair industry for over fifteen years.

During her time in the world of hair, she has developed a knack for doing natural hairstyles, and helping individuals suffering from hair loss. Now she is combining her passion for hair with her love for basketball!

Though the stylist has gained a reputation for her hair care line and acts of philanthropy, her work has recently caught the attention of New York Knicks fans across the world! After Julius Randle’s game-winning performances, many fans credited the success to his hair. Some even going as far as saying that the stylists’ braids have been a lucky charm for the Knicks.

Media outlets from the New York Post to Daily Knicks have commented on the hairstyle and their newfound “superpower”. To add to the superstition, for the first time in ten years the Knicks made it to the playoffs.

Check out behind-the-scenes images with Randle and his son Kyden as they prepped for Game 1.

Though they fell short during their first matchup against the Hawks, Tiffany Mack braids are sure to give Randle and the Knicks the push they need in Game 2!

Featured Image: Tiffany Mack
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