The best news that a Nets fan could hear right now is that James Harden is probable for the game against the San Antonio Spurs after missing a month of basketball with a hamstring injury.

This is excellent news for the Nets, as it comes right before the start of the playoffs, hopefully getting Harden back into playing shape right before the playoffs.

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On the other hand, Kyrie Irving suffered a face injury during last night’s game against the Chicago Bulls and is officially out for tonight’s game. Irving’s injury is just another unlucky injury that has plagued the Nets big three, forcing them to have little time on the court together. Kevin Durant seems to be available tonight, who has been sitting back to backs when healthy, and if we can’t get everyone out there, we might as well get Durant and Harden some reps.

The good thing is that Nets remaining games are against teams with losing records, the Spurs, Bulls, and the Cleveland Cavilers. On top of that, the games are in Brooklyn. The Spurs are playing for a Play-In spot in the Western Conference, but the Nets should be able to beat them still, even more so if Harden and Durant play.

Winning these three games would secure their spot as the second seed. Sadly, the issue with that is that the Nets will not know who they will play against in the first round of the playoffs. They have to wait for the Play-In Tournament and then play the seven and eight seed match-up winner.

It looks like the teams playing for the seventh seed will be the Boston Celtics and the Charlotte Hornets.

The Celtics have a solid team that seriously underachieved this season, with Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker, Even Fournier, and Marcus Smart. They could have posed a real threat to the Nets because of their offensive firepower, but with Jaylen Brown going down with a season-ending injury, that seems less likely.


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The Hornets have an excellent roster, mixed with young players and solid veterans. PJ Washington, Miles Bridges, and possible Rookie of the Year LaMelo Ball, is the Hornets core of youngsters, while Gordon Hayward and Terry Rozier are the veterans leading the team. Even though the Hornets are an outstanding surprise team this season, their success has come prematurely and won’t put up much of a challenge for the Nets.

The real issue about ending up in the second seed is that the Nets will probably face the Bucks in the second round and, as we have seen in the regular season, match up very well with the Nets. This would make the road to the Finals even harder but still not impossible.

Hopefully, the Nets can be healthy in the first round of the playoffs, which would help the team get ready for the rest of the playoffs.
That will be a lot more challenging than the first round.

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