The Houston Astros made their first trip to the Bronx to play the Yankees for the first time since the sign stealing scandal that broke out in 2019.

Yankees fans did not disappoint, they were ruthless and heckling the Astros, especially second baseman Jose Altuve.

Astros manager Dusty Baker agreed with that notion after the game, and before the game he insinuated that at this point people should get over the scandal.

“As far as I’m concerned, it should be over with.” Baker said to USA Today sports.

I understand that Baker is doing his job and has to have his player’s back, but to me this notion is nonsense.

Altuve, who should not have won the 2017 MVP over Aaron Judge without even taking into account that he was cheating, has not faced Yankees fans since the cheating has been known. So there are a ton of reasons for Yankees fans to voice their displeasure.

Altuve has turned from one of the most popular players to a villain because of this. A question I would like to ask, was the cheating worth it?

Not to mention that the Yankees lost to the Astros in the playoffs in 2017 and 2019. If the Yankees had won those series they would have been in the World Series.

The Astros were only punished by a fine, losing a couple of draft picks, and the general manager and manager were banned for a year. None of the players responsible were punished in any way. Instead they were granted immunity if they agreed to be fully honest about what happened.

The Astros were also punished for only the 2017 season, and some claim that was the only season they broke the rules in. But to me, and many other Yankees fans, if you won the World Series in 2017 and were cheating and were only just caught after the 2019 season, why would you stop those following two years? Also why should Yankees fans give the team that cheated and beat them in the playoffs and stole an MVP from their best player give the Astros the benefit of the doubt?

There is also this notion that is brought up by many that because most of the players on the Astros now were not on the team in 2017 that fans should not boo them. To that I say the Astros whole starting infield in last night’s game were prominent players on that 2017 team. So to act like that same core of players from the 2017, except for George Springer are not there is disingenuous.

The Astros did not face any fans last year due to the pandemic, and Yankees fans waited a year and a half for the chance to voice their displeasure. So no Dusty Baker, I will not just get over it. Listening to everything get rehashed on sports radio and on social media yesterday brought up that same anger that I and many other Yankees fans had from when the first report came out. Hearing Astros owner Jim Crane’s statement that the sign stealing did not impact the game again also reminded us of how little remorse the majority of the people involved with that cheating scandal actually had.

I am not saying it would be justifiable if Yankees fans went over the top and threw things on the field, I would never say that. But Yankees fans are well within their right to boo throughout the game and still be mad about the Astros cheating scandal.

Photo: Bob Levey/Getty Images

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