The Yankees are off to a pathetic start to the season.
No need to mince words, the way they’ve played has been uninspiring and boring, which is deserving of an 11-14 opening month.

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One of the many problems the Yankees have is their baserunning. No, it’s not about them not stealing enough bases; it’s about their absolutely horrible decision-making when they actually get on base. At times, they look like they’ve never been on base before like it’s their first time ever getting on base. You can’t explain what is going on with the Yankees on the bases this season.

Aaron Judge tried to go to third on a base hit by Gio Urshela on Monday only to get thrown out at third before DJ LeMahieu scored. Had Judge stayed at second, it would have been a 4-3 Oriole lead still with two outs, a chance to tie the game, and no fireworks from Aaron Boone.

Fast forward just two days later. Clint Frazier tries the brilliant idea of going to third on a ground ball right in front of him at shortstop; he gets thrown out by 20 feet for the first out in the inning.

Now, of course, you’d say, “he knows.” Well, I don’t think he does know. In the fourth inning of a game in April, Clint Frazier, who is trying to win over the starting left field job permanently, does something egregiously bad? No wonder why Boone can’t trust Frazier with an everyday job. He hasn’t hit, is an average defender at best, and obviously can’t run the bases. If you’re a Major League Baseball player, I think you should know how to run the bases, just a thought.

The Yankees have made 13 outs on the bases this season in 24 games, the most in baseball. According to Baseball-Reference, the Yankees are in the negative in nearly every baserunning category. They’re -5 in runs from the baserunning lead by Judge’s -2 and Frazier at -1.

It’s safe to say the Yankees need to figure out how to run the bases if they even want to make the playoffs.
That is the position they are now in.

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