Two weeks from now, the Giants will be “on the clock” with the 11th pick of the 2021 NFL Draft….or listening intently to other teams looking to move up in the hopes of grabbing one of the remaining top QBs in this draft class.

It’s a foregone conclusion that the first three picks in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft will be QBs. It remains to be seen what order the QBs get drafted in after Trevor Lawrence goes #1. There are five top-rated QBs in this draft class:

  • Trevor Lawrence
  • Justin Fields
  • Zach Wilson
  • Trey Lance
  • Mac Jones

So, if three go in picks 1 through 3, then two prized QBs will remain for the teams hungry for a new offensive leader. Looking at the draft order, that leaves seven teams between the 3rd pick and the Giants pick at #11. Do any of them need a QB? Let’s take a look.

Pick 4: Atlanta Falcons with QB Matt Ryan. “Matty Ice” turns 36 next month and has played 13 years in the league. He’s four seasons removed from a Super Bowl appearance (and a heartbreaking loss). Like Eli, he’s been the recipient of some brutal offensive line play the last two years having been sacked over 40 times each year in 2019 and 2020. The Falcons have been eyeing Justin Fields in this offseason. But is this the year to take Ryan’s replacement? I think the Falcons draft more protection and more weapons for Ryan this year. It’s also very tough to not go QB with a top 5 pick. But for this argument, let’s say they stick at 4 and go skill player (most likely TE Kyle Pitts).

Pick 5: Cincinnati Bengals with QB Joe Burrows. Well, Burrows was last year’s #1 pick. No need for a QB here.

Pick 6: Miami Dolphins with QB Tua Tagovailoa. The Dolphins grabbed Tua as their franchise QB taken at pick #5 last year. Again, no need for a QB here.

Pick 7: Detroit Lions with QB Jared Goff. Goff came to Detroit in a trade with the Rams that sent Matt Stafford to the Rams. This is a change of scenery for both QBs. I don’t see the Lions having a need at QB right now.

Pick 8: Carolina Panthers with QBs Sam Darnold and Teddy Bridgewater. By grabbing Darnold from the Jets, the Panthers just may have solved their QB concerns. Bridgewater started last year after signing as a free agent, But he was less than stellar in trying to generate wins (4-11 record) and comebacks. Granted Christian McCafferty was injured for a significant period of the season. But Sam and Teddy will battle this one out. No QB drafted here.

Pick 9: Denver Broncos with QB Drew Locke. GM John Elway hasn’t found a QB that sticks since he stopped playing himself. OK, Peyton helped him out for a couple of years. They are not completely sold on Locke and can very well be drafting a QB. They could let one drop in their lap (risking that another team jumps over them to either the #4 or #8 slot) or trade up themselves to the #4 slot and assure themselves of one of the stud QBs. Either way, this means 4 of the 5 top QBs are drafted by pick #9.

Pick 10: Dallas Cowboys with QB Dak Prescott. Jerry Jones and Dak finally got the big contract done that has bee waiting for about three years. Nevertheless, the Cowboys have their QB. With all their skill players and a solid offensive line, their sights are set on defense. Could they accept a trade down? Sure. Would Jerry just let the Giants get a player he may covet? Probably not.

Pick 11: New York Giants with QB Daniel Jones. The Giants’ free-agent spending spree has solidified offensive skill positions (WR, RB, TE). They have a very serviceable backup QB in Mike Glennon (who can start if necessary) given DJ’s injury history so far. They also solved the CB2 challenge and filled holes in DL, OLB, ILB. So, the flexibility to take the best available player is real. Could they be willing to trade back with a team in need of that final top 5 QB? Yes. Has GM Dave Gettleman ever traded down or back in any draft as a GM? No. There’s a first time for everything, right?

One top QB is left on the board of the top five. Looking through the next ten draft picks below the Giants, two teams pop up as potentially needing a QB, the New England Patriots (pick #15) and the Washington Football Team (pick #19). I can see the Giants and Patriots being willing to make a trade. The Giants have just six (6) picks this year while the Patriots have ten (10). Moving back doesn’t harm the Giants’ chances of landing an impact player at pick #15. And can give Joe Judge additional draft talent to work into the team this year.

In this season of perpetual football hope, this year is a prime year for the Giants to trade back and build draft capital.

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