Artemi Panarin has been a star player for the New York Rangers since he joined the team two years ago. Panarin has become a great leader and shows his talent each game. On Tuesday, the Rangers played the New Jersey Devils and won 3-0.

The first record Panarin had was skating in his 100th game as a Ranger. When this game started, Panarin was tied with Mark Messier for most points by a player in his 100th game. Panarin had a total of 137 points.

During that game against the Devils, Panarin scored a goal putting him at 138 points in 100 games. He passed Messier for having the most points as a Ranger in 100 games.

When it comes to franchise history, only one player has more points than Panarin in 100 games. That is Joe Thornton with the San Jose Sharks.

While a specific record, this is huge in Rangers history. Messier was our captain and was the face of the New York Rangers. With Panarin passing him, it shows the kind of player he is. It’s possible he becomes our next Messier.

I think this milestone was important. Panarin has found his place with this team, and it didn’t take long. Even with his struggles this season, such as injuries and having to take a leave of absence, Panarin is still one of the strongest players on this team and didn’t take long to bounce back.

This season Panarin has 13 goals in 31 games. He is always contributing in some way and could honestly be in line to become captain one day. He has the skill and leadership, especially with a team as young as the Rangers.

Signing Panarin was one of the best moves the Rangers could have made and it will continue to have a such positive effect for a long time.

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