Joe Harris is not the best player on this star-studded Brooklyn Nets team, nor is he someone that will carry this team to victories.
However, Harris plays a basketball style that blends perfectly with the big three, which makes him extremely valuable to this team and its Championship aspirations.

After signing a four-year contract for a total of $75 million last off-season, it seemed like he might have been a little overpaid, but he has proved that wrong by the quality in which he has played in his role. He is only the 68th highest-paid player this season and has played well over that number.


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The way Harris makes himself more valuable than what he is being paid is by his ability to take advantage of space and create space for the Nets big three. Harris has silently become one of the best three-point shooters in the league, leading the league in the 2018-2019 season from beyond the arc at 47% on 9.8 attempts and winning the three-point contest in 2019. This season has been no different, as he is shooting 48% from three on 10.2 shots per game.

Kevin Durant even said he is getting close to being one of the best shooters he has ever played with, outside of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, of course.

Playing with offensive machines like Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving has led to some of the most effortless shots he has ever had to take. The big three draw so much attention on drives and by just being on the court that it has led to Harris consistently being open. 100% of Harris’s made threes have been assisted by just being open and making catch-and-shoot jumpers or by running off screens, pin downs, and dribble hand-offs for open shots.

Photo: Michael Gonzales/NBAE/Getty Images

On top of that, because Harris is such a knock-down shooter, it has created so much space on the floor of the big three to operate, creating accessible driving lanes off pick and rolls and isolation plays. Wherever he is on the court, he needs to be guarded, or someone will find him for a quick, easy three points. If that wasn’t enough, Harris is a fantastic cutter and driver, and when a defender isn’t paying attention or tries to fight over a screen, he cuts directly to the basket for an easy layup.

Harris ranks 8th overall in Offensive Rating Per 100 Possessions at 129 amongst eligible players, and if you look at the non-bigs, he is just second behind only Joe Ingles. In a four-man combination lineup of Harris, Durant, Harden, and Irving, that has sadly just played 139 minutes together but has a Net (Per 100 Poss) for +16.8 points, which is the best on the Nets and can prove to be an offensive juggernaut of a lineup. To go even further with that, when you look at the best point differential of the Nets three-man combination, Harris is in each of the top five.

Harris has been the most consistent player for the Nets, playing in all 54 games and playing up to his new contract.
His value as a three-point shooter makes him deadly when on the court with the Nets stars by helping create space for them and capitalizing on the space the star makes for him, becoming so valuable to the Nets playoff, hopefully, Finals success.

Featured Image: Michael Gonzales/NBAE/Getty Images
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