The New York Rangers are one of the youngest teams in the league.
The average age of the team is 25; that is very young, and with that being said, these rookies have to rely on some veterans.

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Ryan Strome has been with the New York Rangers for three years. Over those past three years, I’d say it took time for Strome is find his balance and become a real leader on this team.

Strome was an inconsistent player. There’d be games where he played really well, then games where he didn’t play well at all.

Recently, Strome has found this new consistency that has allowed him to contribute to each game in some way. Strome has 12 goals this season.

Strome recently came off of a 12 game point streak which definitely surprised me in a good way. This season Strome has played very well. Strome currently has 36 points in 38 games played. There’s still a lot of hockey left, too, which is exciting for Strome because those points are impressive.

While only 27-years-old, Strome is considered a veteran on this young team and has to lead by example. Strome has played well with his linemates, including Artemi Panarin, but has also been producing without Panarin at times.

Strome has been proving himself because, let’s face it, fans did not like him since he joined the team. He was never a breakout player people expected him to be until now. He has proven that he should stay on the team since there have been rumors he would be traded during the deadline.

Ryan Strome has found this new form of confidence, and it’s showing. This team needed veterans to step up, especially when it took long for Mika Zibanejad to get going.
Strome has stepped up and shown that he is another veteran to count on.

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