Mets fans waited for this since Major League Baseball approved Steve Cohen’s purchase of the Mets for $2.5 billion in October.
Only a cruel fate forced them to wait for four more days when Opening Day started around the majors on Thursday. Coronavirus plagued several Washington Nationals players that postponed Mets’ Opening Series matchup against the Nationals.

Think you waited this long? How about the players, coaching staff, and Cohen? Especially the new owner who is waiting to experience a result of his first Major League Baseball game.

The wait ends Monday night. The Mets open up a three-game start against the surprising, undefeated Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. It’s been a long-time coming.

We get to see Pete Alonso and Dominic Smith for the first time this season in a game that matters. We receive the opportunity to watch Francisco Lindor make his Mets debut. We are blessed to watch Jacob deGrom start the delayed Mets season opener. We will hope and pray for the Mets bullpen to protect the lead.

Most importantly, we will get a result. Either we will celebrate or savage. That’s a great feeling, especially after being denied of Opening Day last week.

Photo: MLB

Yes, it’s a long time coming. Sometimes it can be worth the wait because you appreciate what you have when you don’t have it. Opening Day inspires hope and renewal. It’s a start of a long grind and a worthy pursuit of a division title. It’s a sign we are back to normal after the pandemic denied us of going to the games.

In a few days, we get to celebrate the home opener. So in a way, this week becomes an event with the season opener and home opener. Pace yourself, Mets fans. I don’t know how the Mets are going to do. We know they can hit. We know Jacob deGrom will be lights out every fifth day. It’s the other members of the starting rotation and the bullpen that give a Mets fan pause. But that’s the beauty of baseball. Anything can happen. Maybe Marcus Stroman surprises us and puts everything together. Maybe the bullpen throws zeroes out there every day. Maybe David Peterson takes the next step as a starter. So many questions will be answered. It can be good. It can be bad.

Most importantly, we will be watching it all unfold.3

  • For Cohen, it’s been a long time coming where he can enjoy the team he rooted for as an owner. He gets the power now to fix things if he does not get the result he wants. He gets a birds-eye view of the inner workings that go on in the dugout and front office.
  • For the players, they looked to atone for last year’s season after not putting everything together last year. They know they have the roster to get it done. It’s all about results. This was why they were so excited to play on Thursday. They felt the Washington Nationals would serve as a measuring stick to how good the Mets are and what can they do to be even better. This was why they were disappointed to see what happened to the Nationals that postponed Opening Day.
  • For fans, it would be their first look at a retooled team with something to prove in a division that is tough.

We get to have fun from now until September. Maybe we can enjoy it even more in October if the Mets play in the postseason.

Yes, the possibilities become endless. This team can go two ways. Either they can make the playoffs and go on a run or they can be so bad that it may be time to break this team-up. So many decisions will be answered.

That’s why we seek Opening Day: to get answers.

To see what this team will be about. To see something we can enjoy; deGrom starting serves as the right point to get everything going.

A day where we can be optimistic and dream all is right. A day where we can enjoy baseball for joy. A day we can celebrate no matter what. A day we appreciate.

As excited as the fans are, so are the Mets employees. With a new owner in place, the Mets brought the buzz back.

It makes this season opener the most anticipated in quite a while, even it is not a true Opening Day…Play ball!
Better late than ever, right?

Featured Image: MLB
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