Spring Training is over. The regular season is here.

I can think of so many possibilities that I am looking forward to this year.

I’m going to go through some of the highest on my list because it is finally baseball season, so let’s get excited.

1) Fans in the Stands

The Yankees will start the season with 20% capacity, and with the vaccine rollout ramping up, there is a ton of optimism that the capacity will grow throughout the season. Getting baseball at all last year was great because we had no idea if that would happen at all at many points, but something was missing without the fans.

I am specifically looking forward to seeing fans in the stands from May 4th through May 6th when the Houston Astros come to the Bronx. As we all know, they had the sign-stealing scandal, and they beat the Yankees in the playoffs when they did. The Astros have not played in front of the crowd in the Bronx since that was revealed.

The decreased capacity will make it much easier for the players and fans watching on TV to head the heckling from fans at the stadium. I bet Jomboy will have some good content revolving around that series as well.

2) A Full 162-Game Season

This season will not be completely normal, but it will be much closer than last year. No more 60 game seasons. No more playing against only east coast teams. Fans are back but not in full crowds yet. Seven inning double-headers are back as well.

A 162 game season for me will bring back that summer-long routine of planning my day to have everything done so I can sit down at 7:05 p.m. and enjoy a game each night. It is something I did not get enough of last year, and I know I am not alone in that sentiment.

We also have not had a full season of Gerrit Cole yet. That will be a great sight to see.

3) Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton Home Runs

The Yankees have many great hitters; none are more fun to watch hit than Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. These are arguably the two players who hit ridiculous home runs in baseball, and they are both on the same team.

Given they are both healthy, they will both hit a ton of long home runs and be anchors for this stacked Yankees lineup.

4) Brett Gardner Ejections

Late in his career, Brett Gardner has had less patience for dealing with umpires. One of my favorite developments of the 2019 season was when Gardner banged the dugout ceiling with his bat.

Umpires caught on, and he got thrown out for that too, so I wonder what unique way he will get ejected this year.

5) The Rallying Cry

In 2017 it was the thumbs down. Some years since then, there have been hand gestures where only the team knows the meaning. Whether it is a hand gesture or a saying like “savages in the box” in 2019, there likely will be something that this team uses as a rallying cry as the season goes on.

I love seeing the players’ personalities on the Yankees, and those rallying cries over the past couple of years have been some of my favorite aspects of the team.

6) Winning

This team has a great roster. The expectation has been to win the World Series ever since this core of players broke out in 2017; this year is no different.

There are questions and injury concerns, but barring a disaster, the Yankees should win a lot of baseball games in 2021.

Featured Image: Christopher Sadowski
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