There are a lot of different versions of virtual reality.
If you’re imagining a headset with a controller in your hand, then you’re just thinking about one specific kind.

VR has been around for a very long time. While you can even find VR sex games readily available on the internet today, it’s a pervasive form of media that men and women have been working on and evolving for decades.

It’s no surprise that different forms of it have stuck around and still have a very important purpose to serve.

It all boils down to three main forms of virtual reality games.


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Non-immersive virtual reality simulators are usually just overlooked when you consider the different types of VR. That’s because they’ve been readily available for decades. Anyone can play them with very little cost and there are thousands of free games available online. That’s because a non-immersive VR game is simply a video game. These are what you’re playing when you’re sitting at your computer or console. You can buy them in almost any store or get them online. What makes a regular game virtual reality is just what it is.

It’s a virtual space that you enjoy from your physical one. No matter how popular any other kind of VR gets, it’s never going to be more popular than this very simple form of virtual reality. Remember that the next time you fire up your console.

You may not have a headset, but you’re still playing in VR. It puts the whole thing into perspective for you when you realize what actually makes VR, VR.


Next up on the list is semi-immersive virtual reality. It’s one of the most common pieces of technology when it comes to training and education. Just because it’s used for teaching and not fun doesn’t mean that it’s not VR. This form of it is what you get when you have physical controls with virtual screens.

Just think about the way that pilots train.

They have all of the controls that they would normally find in the cockpit of an airplane. The only difference is that they’re not actually flying. The flights are all simulated with screens where the windows would be. You can also find this type of VR in the arcade. If you’re ever seen a game where you sit in the driver’s seat of a racecar or on top of a fake motorcycle, you’re playing a semi-immersive virtual reality game.

They’re always fun and the physical aspects of them always change the way that you get to play the game of your choice.

Fully Immersive

The fully immersive VR game is probably what you’re thinking about when you think about VR. This is what you get when you have a headset, headphones, and gloves or controllers. You’re fully surrounded by the virtual world and you’re existing within it. There’s no real physical interaction going on here at all. Everything that you see is digital and you move around in it just as you’d move around in the real world.

The best possible iteration of this form of VR is going to be found in an arcade. It’s in those places that you can spend your time on a treadmill, or even in a suspension rig. That’s going to give you the freedom to walk and run around the virtual world. In fact, it’s even possible to fly through them if your arcade has the right setup.

It’s the deepest into virtual reality that you can possibly get and it’s a whole lot of fun in the process.

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