The New York Rangers have had their fair share of problems lately. Multiple injuries have stacked up, star players not performing best, and top players being out. Although the Rangers haven’t looked horrible on the ice, the team still hasn’t performed as they should.

After taking a leave of absence due to personal reasons, Artemi Panarin is finally back playing with the New York Rangers. This could be a huge help for the team after losing the past two games and being outplayed.

Panarin has been out since the end of February and won’t play tonight against the Boston Bruins either. You can expect him to be in the lineup next game which is Saturday against the Bruins again.

Panarin being back can help the Rangers be consistent again. The last two games showed us that the team is inconsistent, and I think having a top player back could change that. This season, Panarin has five goals and 13 assists in 14 games.

While I’m sure some fans expect more than five goals from Panarin, the number of assists and how he plays, in general, is more than enough in helping this team. When Panarin is on the ice you notice him right away, he gets involved in every play.

Having Panarin back could also benefit his teammates around him. Panarin could be the one to help Mika Zibanejad start getting on the board or helping Chris Kreider continue his streak.

Since he joined the Rangers, Panarin has played a huge role in this team and has helped the team grow. Although he isn’t technically a veteran, he does act like one which is great for how young this team is.

I expect Panarin to get right back where he left out. He will still play strong and continue to perform best for the team.

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