Anthony Bitetto became a fan favorite for the New York Rangers after scoring his first goal in three years. Bitetto’s goal helped the Rangers win against a strong Washington Capitals team.

With this unexpected rise in popularity, I thought it would be nice to take a look at who Bitetto is and why playing for the Rangers is so important to him.

His family have been lifelong Rangers fans, and his parents attended the Stanley Cup parade in 1994 according to an interview they did with the New York Post.  Fans became excited when they saw baby pictures of Bitetto wearing Rangers gear.

Anthony Bitetto is from Long Island, New York. He was drafted by the Nashville Predators in 2010, 168th overall. The Rangers acquired Bitetto in 2020, signing him for two years on a two-way contract.

Bitetto has been in the NHL for seven years and has played for five NHL teams including the Blueshirts. He has a career total of three goals and 25 assists.

Bitetto has only scored one goal with the Rangers so far and it was a huge moment. Not only did it help the team win against a tough rival, but it was his first goal in three years. Bitetto seems to have found his place in this lineup.

He continues to get better and grows each game. Bitetto has always played a physical game and knew how to use his body, but now his skill is developing and he will be able to contribute to the team even more. If he continues to play consistently, he will be a good defenseman.

It is always heartwarming to see someone who grew up in New York play in New York. It’s even more heartwarming seeing a player finally breakthrough the way Bitetto did. I think if Bitetto keeps up his good play recently, then he will become a top defender on the team.

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