The NY Football Giants (6-10) finish the season with a win over Dallas.

The season may be over, but the foundation has been set. Joe Judge’s media session Monday leaves no doubt he’s a players’ coach and a fan favorite.

Social media blew up Sunday night and Monday after Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson pulled his very able QB, Jalen Hurts, in favor of a 3rd string backup (that turns the ball over in his first two drives) with the Eagles only down by three at 14-17.

Giants fans and some players (not just Giants, but around the NFL) were very vocal about the Eagles, in essence, tanking the game. Joe Judge started his end of the year press conference by, first and foremost, declaring that the Giants had 16 games to put themselves into a playoff position and didn’t win enough.

That didn’t stop him from commenting on the Eagles’ actions without mentioning them specifically.

Joe Judge has shown he has his pulse on his team and this organization. He is also an opportunist. The timing of his response could not be better. Joe’s comments went viral. And when you listen to him, the words echo his year-long commitment to his players. Now, as free agency and the offseason begin, those words are like a recruiting speech to the NFL players.

It helps when Hall of Fame veterans like Michael Strahan chime in with kudos.

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John Mara and Dave Gettleman held their end of season press conferences. The main message from them is the Giants are on the right path. The management team will stay intact. The next step is to win more games and make the playoffs. And while the defense really improved this year via the draft and free agency, the offense needs to be fixed. Mara and Gettleman both stated that playmakers are needed to complement the QB and offensive line.

The sad part of both press conferences was the media continuing to pound away at Dave Gettleman, almost begging the Giants to fire him. Yet, all three major cogs of management–Mara, Gettleman, and Judge–echoed over and over how well they worked together the entire year. And the roster and player results reflect that.

The biggest indication that the Giants are headed in the right direction…Defensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach, Patrick Graham, made the decision yesterday to stay with the Giants instead of pursuing head coaching jobs this offseason.

In the word(s) of Hall of Fame Coach John Madden, “Boom!” Graham’s decision to stay sends another message to the team, free agents, and the fans that something big is happening here in East Rutherford, NJ. Giants’ defense is back!

There are big decisions ahead for the Giants’ front office as well as players.
Already, Joe Judge, Patrick Graham, and Logan Ryan have openly begun the recruiting process for 2021.

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