Rumors have broken that Max Pacioretty of the Vegas Golden Knights is available on the market.
Pacioretty has been a hot name for a while when it comes to the NHL market, as he is a great player and leader.

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The New York Rangers have always seemed to be interested in having Pacioretty on the team, but it never went through.

Now that Pacioretty is back on the market, should the Rangers pursue him?

The Rangers are one of the teams reported to be interested in Pacioretty; the problem is Pacioretty has a big salary.

Pacioretty has a $7 million deal with the Knights and three years left on the contract. Vegas is looking to decrease their cap. This is something the Rangers possibly can’t afford. The team is already paying certain players a lot, adding Pacioretty could hurt the Rangers cap space. Another problem could be the fact that the Rangers have more than enough forwards/left wings.

The Rangers have Artemi Panarin, Chris Kreider, and now Alexis Lafreniere.

This leaves not much space for Pacioretty in the lineup.

Some positives to pursuing Pacioretty though are his veteran status. While Pacioretty is only 32, he has been in the NHL for 12 years and was even captain for the Montreal Canadiens. Pacioretty has a career total of 763 games played, 280 goals, and 274 assists. Pacioretty is a well-rounded player and can be of good use for the large amount of younger players the Rangers have.

The Rangers have always seemed to be interested in Pacioretty. Pursuing him has its negatives and positives just like it would for any other player.

The Rangers should sit this one out as the team is stacked on the left-wing and the younger players need to be developed.

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