In this season of hope and thanksgiving, here are a few items to ponder and pass along as a Giants fan.

Be thankful…

Be Thankful the Giants Management Chose Joe Judge as Head Coach

There were bigger names out there (think Ron Rivera, Mike McCarthy, Matt Rhule, even Jason Garrett). How’re you feeling now Giants fans? The team may be 3-7, but it’s the most excited Giants fans have been about a 3-7 Giants team ever.

The Mara/Tisch ownership team, along with GM Dave Gettleman, looks like they finally got a head coach, not an offensive coordinator that tried to be a head coach too.

Be Thankful That Joe Judge Is Our Head Coach

He could be at Mississippi State right now. That’s where he was headed before meeting with the Giants. It has been a breath of fresh air to watch him build this coaching staff and mold these players into a team.

This video is all you need to see to believe they love him. He doesn’t make excuses, preaches constant improvement, and stays on an even keel…win or lose. He has the players’ backs and never calls them out publicly. The players play for him. When Bill Parcells praises the coach, you have the right guy.

Be Thankful for Patrick Graham as Giants Defensive Coordinator

After the 2017 through 2019 lost seasons, the Giants defense had nowhere to go but up. News flash: The Giants have a top 10 defense in the NFL. Yes, that takes players, and the Giants have done well to build a roster of very talented defenders on the line, at linebacker, and in the secondary. More on the players later. But, Coach Graham and his staff have built tremendous gameplans and made great in-game adjustments all year.

This defense reminds us of dominating defenses of the championship years…but without the big-name stars like LT, Carson, Banks, Strahan, etc. Give it time, but there are stars-in-the-making on this young defense.

Be Thankful for Jason Garrett as Giants Offensive Coordinator

Yes, he was also considered for the head coach job. But having Coach Garrett at the helm of the offense has been a really good move for this Giants team.

When you watch the tape of each Giants game, you see a progressive opening up of the playbook as the team’s offensive line comes together and all the skill players get more comfortable in his system. Daniel Jones was averaging nearly two turnovers a game in the first half of this season.

He was forcing the ball, trying to make a play. Coach Garrett’s message stayed consistent: live for the next play.

Be Thankful for the Washington Football Team (WFT) and Head Coach Ron Rivera

First, if “Riverboat Ron” hadn’t gone for two in the late moments of their first game against the Giants, it may not have been a Giants win. All the momentum had shifted to the WFT. Kick the extra point and the Giants would have been in overtime at the mercy of a coin flip. Thanks, Ron.

Second, the WFT beat up on Dallas twice and the Eagles once so far this year. But two losses to the Giants this year give our Giants the first tiebreaker in the head-to-head competition if the Giants and WFT finish in a tie at the top of the division.

Be Thankful DB Logan Ryan Was Available and Signed With the Giants

It can be argued that no one player has been more important to the growth of this Giants team more than Logan. Certainly, a case can be made for the signing of CB James Bradberry and MLB Blake Martinez among others. But, Logan has added heart and a voice of experience to this team.

He is not shy about sharing that the Tennessee Titans started last year with a losing record after six games, yet made the playoffs and made a run in the playoffs. He brings “Belief”. And he brings a ton of versatility and ability to this team. What player can shift from a star cornerback to solely be a safety for the Giants, and currently lead the Pro Bowl voting in a new position?

Be Thankful That, as the Giants Enter the Last Game in November, Each Game Still Has Meaning in the Standings

It has been three years since the team made the playoffs. When your team has a 3-7 record, this is usually the time fans look to next year’s draft and start drooling over college players of want and maybe of need. Not this year.

Not in the year 2020 when nothing is predictable or taken for granted. No, this year is a year when a 3-7 record in the NFC East has you right in the thick of the race. The Giants have control of their destiny.

As we enter the Season of Hope…

Clearly, with the pandemic and other world events, 2020 will be unceremoniously shown the door. This will be a year not soon forgotten by us all. Let’s be thankful for our health, family, friends, face masks…and a competitive NY Football Giants team.

Yes Giants fans, we have hope.

We may be 3-7, but we are 3-2 in division play. The Giants have a tough schedule ahead, but they’ve played tough opponents already and competed to the end with all but one team. Joe Judge has preached “one game at a time” all season. We are getting players back from injury (Edge rusher Oshane Ximenes, Safety Xavier McKinney) and the COVID list (Kicker Graham Gano). It’s good to have a relatively healthy squad (minus Saquon) coming out of the bye week.

Let’s go 1-0 every week from here through January 3, 2021.

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