Of the top three teams in the Eastern Conference that the Red Bulls have to knock off, they face the first of them, a team they have are very familiar with: the Columbus Crew.

It seems that when we face each other, we go a stage back: 2008 MLS Cup Final, 2015 Eastern Conference Final, 2018 first Eastern Conference Semifinal, and now the third Eastern Conference Quarterfinal, Perhaps this is just to test our mettle or just to simply see who the better team is.

Either way, two things are certain: this is a familiar meeting and we have to prove ourselves true champions.

So, simply put, the Red Bulls must beat the Crew from both a rivalry and season perspective and take the very important first step in getting what has been long deserved in an MLS Cup championship.

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I will say this as a positive note: we have been growing each year as a franchise, but we now have to finally hit the mark as all that growth, experience, skill and bonding have to start counting for the thing it has to start counting for, and that is making our ultra-creative, brotherhood-based culture the best when it comes to the world’s cultural mixer and the world’s beautiful game. Against this team, we have had battles every time. But now, we truly have to show show our quality and what we are made of.

We may not have had a rivalry like D.C. and NYC, but we are more that familiar with each other. This is one of those teams that we have to show we are capable of beating in order to prove to everyone around the league and ourselves that we can win the MLS Cup. Another one of those teams: Toronto FC – That’s next round.

The Red Bulls’ focus, considering that they are one of the top three teams in the conference we must beat in order, is one round at a time.

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