With no new free agency announcements and no set date of when the NHL can return, teams are starting to take part in the collaboration with Adidas.

NHL teams are beginning to reveal their Reverse Retro jerseys which is part of a promotion with Adidas. These jerseys will be used in the 2020-21 season.

Many teams have either teased or have already revealed what the jersey will look like. Some have been a hit and others have not. The New York Rangers have yet to announce what their jersey will look like, but the team did offer a preview on Twitter the other day.

Based on the tweet, many fans are speculating a comeback of a fan favorite jersey.

Photo: New York Rangers/Twitter

If you take a look at the tweet you will see that the colors and style of the jersey look very familiar to the fan-favorite Lady Liberty jerseys.

In 1996, the Lady Liberty jerseys were introduced as the Rangers third jersey. The jersey came to an end in the 2006-07 season when the NHL decided to Reebok Edge jerseys. The loss of the Lady Liberty jerseys was upsetting to fans as many found it to be the best-looking jersey the Rangers had, and probably one of the best looking in the NHL.

While the Rangers tease of their new jersey could be any design, there are reasons as to why it could be a Lady Liberty comeback. The color scheme matches the color of the Lady Liberty jerseys. As well as the jersey having the number 96 on the back which was the year the Lady Liberty jerseys debuted. This allows us to assume that there is a great possibility of the return of these jerseys.

The Adidas Retro Reverse program is going to be released on November 16th, which is next week.

Featured Image: New York Rangers/Twitter
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