The offseason has been a little slow and not much news is going on in the NHL considering we still don’t know when next season will even start.
The New York Rangers though have been making many different moves in order to continue rebuilding this team.

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We lost many familiar faces, but thanks to the NHL Draft we also gained plenty of new and exciting ones. There hasn’t been any news recently, but there are talks of potentially re-signing Ryan Strome.

Even more recently, fans discovered that both the Rangers team and player Brendan Lemieux have filed salary requests for arbitration.

On November 4th, it was announced by NHL reporters that the arbitration numbers from the Rangers were a two-year deal at $950,000. Lemieux on the other hand asked for a $2,000,000 deal.

That is a huge difference and it is unlikely we see the two agree.

Lemieux came from the Winnipeg Jets. He played 78 games with the Rangers and had 6 goals and 12 assists. Lemieux isn’t a player the Rangers need. Besides being an instigator and blocking some shots, Lemieux barely contributed to this team. He is not worth $2,000,000 and if he wants to stay with the Rangers he needs to lower his ask by a lot.

When it comes to the final decision the Rangers have to be careful and stay within their salary cap. The team also has to discuss a deal with Ryan Strome which reports have been floating that the two settled on a two-year $9,000,000 contract. If that is true, the Rangers and Lemieux would have to reconsider their deal considering how big the Strome deal is.

If Lemieux can lower his price, this can work out for both of them. Lemieux has to play to his ability, if both agree on a deal but he still plays mediocre then it wouldn’t have been worth it when the Rangers have plenty of prospects lined up to play.

Nothing has been officially announced yet on this deal, but we should hear something in the next few days.

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