The 2020 NFL season hasn’t been entirely memorable so far when it comes to the two New York franchises, with neither the Giants nor the Jets hitting the winning form they desire.

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Nevertheless, one or the other side could yet turn the corner and start producing better outcomes. But which team is most likely to improve and get the winning results the fans undoubtedly crave?

While it’s always possible for any team to hit an upwards curve, results after six games hardly paint a rosy picture for either team. In the NFC East, the Giants had to endure five straight defeats, before finally getting to savor the welcome taste of victory.

Meanwhile, the Jets have suffered six defeats to open their 2020 NFL campaign, which keeps them firmly rooted to the bottom of both the AFC East and the AFC Championship standings.

If either of the two New York franchises are to stand any chance of making the playoffs, unlikely as that may seem, they will need a phenomenal winning run to conclude the regular season. According to the latest NFL odds on bet365 for the Giants are priced at +750 odds to win the NFC East, which still remains a possibility after the narrow 19-20 win against Washington Football Team.

As for the Jets, well, current odds priced at +30000 would suggest they have absolutely no chance of winning the AFC East. Six consecutive defeats will inevitably do that for a team, with fans already debating whether the Jets are intentionally tanking, losing games to improve their chances of landing Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence when the next NFL draft rolls around. That’s perhaps as good a reason as any to explain odds at sportsbooks right now.

Interestingly, there are some positive indications that the Giants are capable of improving their form. In that tightest of triumphs against the Washington Football Team, the Giants averaged 5.2 yards per play.

NFL writers made a point of highlighting that statistic, suggesting that had the team coached by Joe Judge produced similar figures in their previous games, they would be amongst the top five teams in the whole league for yards per play average.

Such statistics would also suggest that when it comes to improving their form, all is not yet lost for the Giants, hence why the sportsbooks are still giving them a slim chance of the NFC East. By contrast, ESPN statistics for the Jets after six games will probably make fans wince in utter dismay.

Whichever metric you care to choose, whether it’s totals, passing, rushing, or most notably points, the Jets are either the worst or amongst the two lowest-ranked teams.

For all these reasons, it’s fair to assume that the Giants will end the NFL regular season with more wins on the board, while the Jets are perhaps best to already consider the 2020 season as a write-off.
The Giants can still make this a winning season, while “forgeddaboudit” is perhaps what you’ll hear more frequently from annoyed Jets fans, hopeful that tanking this year will count for something in seasons to come.

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