Yes, the Giants are 0-4.
And, even with that goose egg staring us all in the face, they are just 1.5 games out of the NFC East Division lead.

Photo: New York Giants

Some say the Giants have been labeled the “get well” game on the team’s schedules. Call me the eternal optimist, but I believe the GMen still control their own destiny, especially when I look at their schedule. Over the next six weeks, the Giants play five games against their NFC East opponents. That’s five chances to get back in the hunt for respectability. And it begins this Sunday at AT&T Stadium against the Cowboys.

As most of you know, my Twitter name is @PopPopBriGuy. Five of my six grandkids call me PopPop (the sixth was just born in August–she’ll learn). With the COVID-19 pandemic, getting to see them has been a huge challenge for the last eight months. But, I solved that problem by buying an RV and driving cross-country this week (San Diego to Jacksonville) to hug them and play with them.

The oldest of them, B-Man, is an avid sports fan like his dad and his PopPop. So this week, we talked about football. He’s a fan of the Washington Football Team, Therefore, he has a completely unbiased–and I’ll add expert–opinion on this weekend’s Giants-Cowboys game.

Note: I did have to wait for him to make his picks in the family Pick ‘Em pool before we could talk.

  • PopPop: “Okay B-Man, Giants-Dallas, who wins?
  • B-Man: “Dallas is favored…but the Giants are in the last place and need a win.”
  • PopPop: “What’s the Giants’ problem?”
  • B-Man: “They just don’t have Eli. He was good.”
  • PopPop: “Yeah, I miss Eli. Do you know Daniel Jones?”
  • B-Man: “Is he a rookie?”
  • PopPop: “Not anymore. He was drafted out of Duke last year with the Giants’ first pick.”
  • B-Man: “Duke won big over Virginia Tech last year, right?”
  • PopPop: “Yes, but Daniel Jones was already on the Giants then. What do you think of the NFC East teams?”
  • B-Man: “It’s a pretty not very good division.”
  • PopPop: “Which team is the best in the division?”
  • B-Man: “Probably Dallas. They have a good running back and quarterback. Zeke, he’s really good.”

That led us to do some computer research on the NFC East teams after four games. Here’s what we found out…


Here are the rankings based on the LINEUPS evaluation of all 32 team offenses, just showing the NFC East teams.

  • Cowboys at #3
  • Giants at #26
  • Eagles at #27
  • WFT at #31


Here are the rankings based on the LINEUPS evaluation of all 32 team defenses, just showing the NFC East teams.

  • Giants at #17
  • WFT at #18
  • Eagles at #23
  • Cowboys at #30

Special Teams

Here are the rankings based on the LINEUPS evaluation of all 32 team Special Teams, just showing the NFC East teams.

  • Cowboys at #14
  • Eagles at #21
  • Giants at #24
  • WFT at #24

B-Man’s Prediction

  • PopPop: “So B-Man, does any of this give you a better idea of who wins?”
  • B-Man: “It’s going to be a good game. It’s going to be a battle. I think it’s a toss-up. Hopefully, the Giants win. Otherwise, they’ll be Oh and five.”

Deep down, B-Man knows his PopPop loves the Giants and is just being nice to me. Let’s go, Giants! The NFC East is there for you.

By the end of the game on November 15th, the division may not be decided. But, there will be a good idea of how it ends.
I have hope. Or, as Jim Carrey says, “So you’re saying there’s a chance.”

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