Heading into the 2020 season, many Giants fans were excited by the direction the team was moving.
Improvement looked right near the corner.

However, in somewhat typical Giants fashion, the 0-3 start to the season has left fans wondering what is wrong with the team and what needs to be fixed.

Pointing figures to specific people are not very applicable in an extreme team sport like football, but identifying the weak spots and making adjustments is necessary for every team.

Can Joe Judge Coach?

This is undoubtedly a question that has gone through everyone’s mind who has watched the Giants play this season.

The offense is flat, scoring only about 12 points a game, rushing for a weak 57 yards a game, scoring 3 total touchdowns this season, and converting 39% of third downs. Playcalling is not diverse, showing the same looks and formations over and over again throughout the game. The offense simply cannot move down the field and score points, putting a tremendous burden on the defense, which started the season looking okay, holding a potent Steeler offense to 26 points and the Bears to 17, but last week gave up 36 points to a banged-up 49ers team, which is far too much considering how weak the offense has been playing.

Judge’s first year as a head coach has clearly got off to a rough start, and now the question is if his special teams experience in New England can really translate to head coaching success in New York. If the G-men can not find ways to win games, and the games continue to show no signs of improvement or promise, Judge will have a hard time keeping his job.

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Poor Performances From Daniel Jones

When an offense is performing poorly, most people automatically blame the quarterback. Although play-calling has been an issue and the offensive line is not playing its best, Jones’s performance this season speaks for itself.

This season was seen as an opportunity for Jones to elevate his game to the next level; however, it appears that Jones is actually regressing. Throwing for a mere two touchdown passes, four interceptions, a weak 60% completion rate, and a horrendous average quarterback rating of 68.2, Jones is looking like a bottom 10 quarterback in the league.

It is no question that Daniel Jones is talented, but his play as of recent is painting a different narrative.

If Giants continue to lose games, they may secure a lottery pick in the upcoming 2021 draft.
With Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Trey Lance looking like elite quarterback prospects, Daniel Jones may not be in New York long if he continues these types of performances.

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