Appointing the right team captains is one of the first steps an organization can take on the path to a good season.
Team captains are responsible for setting the tone for the team and oftentimes serve as the bridge connecting the coaches to the players.

I predict that Joe Judge and company will appoint five players to be the official leaders of Big Blue in 2020.

Saquon Barkley

Saquon was born to be a leader. That leadership ability was on full display as early as his rookie year, which is partly why the Giants selected him second overall in the 2018 draft. That same leadership ability could prove to be extremely important this year as new coach, Joe Judge, has installed a very strict and detail-orientated environment around the Giants.

Judge is quoted as saying that:

 “…the most pleasing thing about Saquon so far is how eager he is to be coached and how he is always looking for a better way of doing something…”.

This desire and willingness could be passed on to the rest of the team if Saquon is given the “C” on his chest.

Kevin Zeitler

As Zeitler enters his 9th NFL season, he is by far the most experienced starter among the offensive line. Zeitler appeared to be the most consistent piece on the Giants O-Line last year, and he hopes to maintain that consistency heading into this year.

Having a captain on the line could assist in the growth of the line’s youth; Andrew Thomas and company could follow Zeitler’s lead.

Blake Martinez

Heading into the 2020 season, it appears that Blake Martinez will be the starting middle linebacker for the Giants. The position is that of a natural leader. Playing mike linebacker requires you to have communication and leadership skills if you want to be successful.

Putting the “C” on Martinez’s chest could allow him to really come into the leadership role waiting for him on his new team.

Jabrill Peppers

Some will say Peppers is too young to be a captain, I disagree. Watching the games last year, it was clear he was the biggest playmaker in the secondary.

He plays with a heart and hustle that you love to see out of your strong safety. That type of hard work is something that Joe Judge is sure to love, and that is why I think he will earn his captain patch this year.

Nate Ebner

Ebner may not be a player who turns many heads, but he was brought onto the Giants to be a leader. He is an eight-year pro that the Giants assured to bring over along with Joe Judge this off-season. He and Judge worked together on the Patriots special teams since 2012.

Ebner can serve the role similar to that of Michael Thomas, someone who earns their money on special teams while bringing elite leadership to the team.

On the Bubble

These are players who I considered as possible captains, but were ultimately not picked. Some may be too young, or some may not have been on the team long enough.

There is no formula for picking a team captain; it is not an exact science.

You have to find players who you think can lead the team through an NFL season’s ups and downs.

  1. Daniel Jones
  2. Sterling Shepard
  3. Golden Tate III
  4. Will Hernandez
  5. Evan Engram
  6. Dalvin Tomlinson
  7. Markus Golden
  8. James Bradberry IV
  9. Riley Dixon

Featured Image: Al Bello/Getty Images
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