The Mets stink on and off the field.

On the field…

They can’t field, hit and pitch. They play like they want this season to be over by being boring and lifeless. I admit I haven’t watched much of the Mets this season. I watched only their Opening Day game, and that was it.

With the Islanders playing for the Stanley Cup, they deserved more of my time than the stumbling and bumbling Mets.

Off the field…

They look like a train wreck that Mets fans can’t stop watching it seems. Mets general manager Brodie Van Wagenen continues to show he is overmatched at his job. Mets manager Luis Rojas looks clueless on the job. Mets owner Fred Wilpon seems detached from the team. Mets COO Jeff Wilpon prays that his father holds on to the team rather than sell because if that happens, Wilpon would be jobless like your typical New Yorker these days.

Mets fans know this season means nothing. The players understand it, too.

When Fred Wilpon reportedly announced his intentions of selling the team since he is getting up there in age and he wants his billions, what motivation do players have to win?

This season turns out to be more of survival for the Mets owner’s son, Van Wagenen and Rojas. If Wilpon sells it to Steve Cohen, those three are likely gone. If Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez win the deal, those three have a chance.

It also could be Wilpon may just want to keep the team after all. He is entitled to change his mind if he wants to. Rumors are circulating that the Wilpons could sell the Mets to Rodriguez and Lopez, so that they could stay on with the team.

This would be terrible news if Wilpons stay on whether they keep the team or have a role on this team with Rodriguez. The Mets could use housecleaning all around. It starts with the Wilpons.

Too much losing emanates under the Wilpons. They created a losing culture where there is no accountability. They hire workers that would do what they are told to do by them (i.e. Van Wagenen). They alienate employees by smearing people such Carlos Beltran, Pedro Martinez, Willie Randolph, Sandy Alderson and so many others that worked for the Mets. So much drama comes out of the Mets than winning.

They ran the Mets to the bottom for a long time. Enough is enough. Fans grew disgruntled with them a long time ago. They spent enough time here to know they won’t get it done.

Think of Jeff Wilpon as James Dolan. Both failed to understand how to run a team. Both don’t get it, and they never will. Both managed to find ways to create problems rather than solve problems. Both struggled to grasp the understanding of how to work since they never worked a day in their lives. Is this how a team should be run?

Jeff Wilpon desperately wants a chance to make the Mets into winners. He yearns to have that legacy, which is why he wants to hold on to this team.

The Mets are his life, for better or for worse.

This could sway Fred Wilpon to keep the Mets than sell. He prefers what’s best for his son and him than the Mets. It’s that approach that makes him show disdain towards the ballclub and the fans.

I will be surprised if Wilpon sells. He may lose money, but he has enough that he can hold on to the team. He enjoys the prestige of being a MLB owner. I mean he still wants to be somewhat involved with the team once he sells it to an individual. He will offer the team to someone who will keep him and his son. If he can’t find someone, he will keep it to himself.

While this is good for him, this is not good for the Mets. This franchise needs a makeover in the name of new ideas. That means new management, new leadership and new culture, not the same ol’.

Look at the Islanders. When Jon Ledecky and Scott Malkin became the new Islanders owners, they listened to the fans about wanting new management and a new culture.

They delivered by hiring Lou Lamoriello as the general manager and Barry Trotz as the coach, and it paid dividends with two winning seasons in a row and two playoff appearances in a row. Last season, the Islanders advanced to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and it appears they can do it again this season. They just might win the Stanley Cup. The Mets need that type of tonic.

Photo: AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Yes, Cohen will spend, but he will also bring the right people to operate the Mets. This means no more Wilpon and his yes men destroying this organization.

The Mets stink because the Wilpons have no clue how to operate the organization. They had many years to fix it, and they never got it done. They shouldn’t get another chance.

No one can stop the Wilpons what to do sadly. Major League Baseball won’t get involved since the owners like them. Remember then-MLB commissioner Bud Selig gave the Wilpons the loan to keep the team after being screwed in the Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

The Wilpons control the franchise’s destiny.
Only they know what to do, and that’s not a great thing.

Featured Image: AP Photo/Seth Wenig
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