It was the first day that Giants’ practice looked like football.

The entire Giants team hit the field August 14th in helmets, shells, and a ton of energy. The practice was fast-paced, well-orchestrated, and loud with music blaring the entire time. The defense wore white jerseys. The offense wore Giants blue. Also very noticeable: not one name on any jersey.

True to Joe Judge’s message, this is a team sport. Everyone is on the same level and there is a clean slate. There is no depth chart yet. As Sean O’Hara stated, “Team above self.”

Full Pads // Monday, August 17th

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Monday, the Giants will be in full pads and the hitting will begin. As more than one coach stated, “Things will start to reveal themselves once the pads come on.” Coach Judge says he plans to hold one scrimmage every week up to the start of the season.

The Giants have one of the youngest rosters in the NFL.

There are 40 new players on this current 80 man roster from 2019. That’s incredible! Golden Tate and Colt McCoy are the only players on this roster with double-digit years of experience. It’s no wonder Joe Judge wanted “teachers” when he hired his staff.

Joe Judge’s Coaching Staff

How can anyone not be revved up for the Giants’ future when Joe Judge has assembled such an incredible coaching staff?

After listening to every coach’s media session over the last four days, every Giants fan should be overflowing with hope, excitement, and the willingness to get on the field in pads as well. This is one impressive group of people that love, and are very good at coaching football! And the message was consistent as each one spoke. “I’m here because of Joe Judge.” “Joe has a plan and is very organized.” “We’re here to teach.” “As Joe says, every little detail matters.” “We’re just trying to stay in the moment and focus on what matters today.”

Offensive Coordinator // Jason Garrett

On August 11th, the coordinators met with the media. First up was Offensive Coordinator, Jason Garrett. This was Jason’s first meeting with the media since his departure from Dallas. In classic Garrett form, Jason was gracious to the Dallas organization for his time there, steered away from any questions about Dallas, and focused the media on the Giants and this season.

He is excited about the weapons he has with this team. He’s happy to be coaching a very young and talented offensive team led by Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley. The opportunity to get back east, work with Joe Judge, and the Giants was “too good to pass up.”

Defensive Coordinator // Patrick Graham

Defensive Coordinator, Patrick Graham, was effusive in his praise of the “team” ethic Joe Judge is creating with the Giants. Patrick stayed on the script that the team is young, there is no depth chart, and players will cross-train to cover multiple positions. When asked about if his alignment will be more 3-4 or 4-3, he just answered “yes”.

As Graham has stated before, the Giants will be “multiple” in their alignments and play the scheme necessary to beat that week’s opponent. He claims to be a D-Lineman at heart. That’s good because the Giants’ strength on the D is their line.

Special Teams Coordinator // Thomas McGaughey

Special Teams Coordinator, Thomas McGaughey, is one of five coaches that return this year as members of now Joe Judge’s staff. While all the coaches have total praise for the head coach, McGaughey was also the most excited to be working with Judge. Maybe its the bond he shares with Joe Judge who was also a special teams coach.

He used the word “enlightening” in his description of Joe Judge’s approach to football and how to be successful.

The position coaches met with the media between Wednesday and Friday. To a person, they reflect a level of excitement for being able to teach football to this young team, and an unmatched desire to bring out the best potential of each player. They all preached “staying in the moment.”

This is also a staff with plenty of personality, experience, and reputations with success at all coaching levels. While most coaches stayed away from singling out players, Offensive Line Coach Marc Colombo spoke highly of two linemen, Andrew Thomas, and Nick Gates.

GiantsNation offers our heartfelt condolences to the Tisch Family on the passing of Steve Tisch’s daughter, Hilary Tisch this week.
Hilary was 36 years old.

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