Players check-in, get tested and wait for results.

Rookies and undrafted free agents began arriving in New Jersey for Giants training camp, some as early as 10 days ago. Most players were hoping to get through the COVID-19 testing process, get their equipment, and get on the practice fields at Quest Diagnostics Training Center for the very first time on July 21st. However, delayed NFL communications with the players regarding COVID-19 policy, protocols, and formal response plans have led to delays in the start of camp.

The schedule was then pushed back to Thursday, July 23rd, with rookies, quarterbacks, and recovering injured veteran players checking in, getting the first of two COVID-19 tests, but then going home to start the mandatory quarantine and wait for a “negative” test result. Each player will need to get a second test (most likely Sunday). Two ‘negative’ test results and that player can report to camp for physicals.

Remember that the key phrase ‘Pending a Physical’ used so often during the offseason?

Most of the rookies, and some free agents, still must pass the team physical before signing their contracts.

In the meantime, the Giants players and coaches returned to a virtual training environment for meetings yesterday and today, July 25, 2020. So, the first field practice of camp is still on hold. But, there is good news…

NFLPA Approves Giants Ider Plan

As reported by Art Stapleton of on Friday, July 24, 2020, the NFLPA approved the Giants Infectious Disease Emergency Response (IDER) Plan.

The Giants became the ninth team in the NFL with an acceptable plan. This clears the way for the Giants to begin training camp.

NFL and NFLPA agree on 2020 CBA Adjustments

The NFL and NFLPA also completed negotiations of other items in the CBA that needed revision due to the pandemic.

Here’s a summary of the CBA adjustments for 2020.

  • No Pre-season games
  • Camps can begin on July 28 for all players
  • Players can “opt-out” of the 2020 season and accept a stipend or salary advance. The player’s contract tolls for the 2020 year and picks up in time at the start of the 2021 league year.
  • 20-day “ramp-up” period for player conditioning, no pads
  • Then up to 14 padded practices
  • Rosters must be reduced to 80 players by August 16, 2020
  • Practice Squads can increase to 16 players for the 2020 season
  • The revenue loss anticipated by teams due to reduced/no fans can be spread over the next four years beginning with the 2021 league year
  • No change to the 2020 Cap, $198.2
  • The Cap for 2021 will be no lower than $175M

So, this means no pads until mid-August. The next three weeks will be a condensed version of offseason strength and conditioning, OTAs, and padless mini-camps. Oh, and the very real impact of how NFL camps and players withstand the onslaught of the Coronavirus.

Giants Players Making News This Week

  • Giants 1st Round Draft Pick, OL Andrew Thomas, arrived for camp on 25 July. He is still negotiating his contract. This is a good show of faith in getting an agreement done in the short-term.

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