August Gary Sanchez is a force to be reckoned with.
And when is the baseball season starting in 2020? You guessed it. Just before August.

He’s ready.

Gary Sanchez had a bounce-back year after 2018 when he slashed .186/.291/.406 and drove in 53 runs and hit 18 home runs.

In 2019, Sanchez slashed .232/.316/.525 while driving in 77 home runs and hitting 34 home runs, the most by any catcher in the MLB last year. Although it was not the best year for the Yankees’ catcher, it was much better than his 2018 campaign and was named an All-Star as well in 2019.

We have not really been able to see a great deal of Gary Sanchez since there has not been a great deal of baseball in 2020, but Sanchez has looked good in the intrasquad games the Yankees are holding.

When Gary Sanchez really shines is in the month of August, and he looks ready to dominate now.

In 2016, just about half of Gary Sanchez’s season was played in August, and he may just have been the best player in baseball at the time. Sanchez put up a slash line of .389/.458/.832 and hit 11 home runs driving in 21 runs.

In his rookie season, Sanchez absolutely dominated and could have won the Rookie of the Year had he played longer than his 53 games.

In 2017, he did not have as good of an August as he did in 2016 but was still very impressive. He slashed .287/.347/.648 and drove in 26 runs while hitting 12 home runs.

Gary Sanchez was injured for August of 2018, and as a result, did not play during the month.

In 2019, Gary Sanchez’s numbers in August declined further, but still, put up his decent numbers during the month. He slashed .261/.354/.623, driving in 13 runs and hitting 8 home runs.

In every August, he put up better numbers than he did during the rest of the season.
With the season starting in August, the Yankees could be getting prime Gary Sanchez sooner in the season than they normally would.

Featured Image: Adam Hunger/Associated Press
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