Back on June 12th, the MLB proposed a 72 game season to the Players’ Association, and with the 72 games the players would receive 75 percent prorated salaries.

The players rejected this proposal almost immediately because it was basically something that they were proposed three times before. The owners have now offered the MLBPA four different proposals that would all equal the players receiving full prorated salaries over a 50 game season.

So, all of these proposals would give the players just about 33 percent of their salaries.

After rejecting the last proposal, the Players are done negotiating. All they want is for the owners to tell them when and where they need to be.

Although the Players and the owners did not come to an agreement, the players want to play. Things start looking up. The players will go to wherever they have to as long as the owners simply tell them when and where they have to be there.

Combine this with Rob Manfred’s statement on June 10th, and we could see baseball pretty soon.

Five days later though, Rob Manfred walks right back over this statement.

The players wanted a response from the owners by Monday telling them where and when they have to go. Instead, they see Rob Manfred telling the media that he does not know if there will be baseball played this year.

The players were upset by this, as they should be.

Players have taken their grievances to Twitter, telling the fans that all they want to do is play and the MLB is simply not allowing it.

The players were ready to take whatever season the owners and Manfred gave them. All they got was the commissioner saying he was not sure if there would be a season to play.

Now, this morning, Andy Martino reports that there are owners that do not even want a season.

This is now upsetting for everyone because the baseball world cannot handle a year without it. Fans will take any baseball they can get, and the players want to play no matter what.

The owners need to figure it out, because everyone loses if there’s no baseball season.

Anyway, here’s something all Yankees fans will like; Gerrit Cole passed by Yankee Stadium yesterday and threw a bullpen.

Always nice to end on a good note.

Featured Image: Gregory Bull/Associated Press
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