Back on May 4th, we got some great news from former MLB player Trevor Plouffe.

It is now June 10th, and the MLB and the Players’ Union are nowhere close to a deal.

Every week it’s been one side offers, the other waits a week to respond, then says no. Then the cycle just keeps repeating over and over.

The most recent proposal was from the MLBPA, offering an 89 game season with full prorated pay and expanded playoffs.

Based on very recent history, this will be rejected by the MLB. The Owners and MLB’s most recent proposal before this one was a 76 game season with 75 percent prorated pay, which the players quickly rejected and shut down.

The two sides need to come to an agreement much sooner rather than later.

Baseball is losing interest and this waiting around for one side to the cave is killing the sport.

With every proposal that comes out, one of the bigger reporters, such as Jon Heyman or Jeff Passan, adds that the two sides are not that close.

From this tweet from the MLB Content Creator/Youtuber Fuzzy, this obviously shows how much interest has dropped in the MLB.

Almost every other league is coming back. Most European soccer leagues are coming back very soon, if they are not being played already, the NHL and NBA have plans set to come back this year, and the NFL will most likely be played. Everyone is just waiting on America’s Pastime to actually have time to return. The youth around the world can easily turn their focus from baseball onto another sport that is being played, which will hurt the game greatly.

The MLB has been trying to grow the game in the last few years, and one of the main ways they were trying that was with “Let The Kids Play”.

It would be nice if they actually would let the kids play and bring baseball back as soon as possible. The world needs baseball.
Hopefully, the two sides can come to an agreement quickly. It would be nice to have some new baseball news to write about one day.

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