In recent days, the baseball world has gotten some uplifting news regarding the 2020 season.

As for the New York Yankees and Mets, New York’s Governor Cuomo has given the teams the green light to all New York sports teams to hold their training camps in their home stadiums.

Although the Mets and Yankees will not be holding their respective Spring Trainings in New York and will be doing so in their regular spring training sites in Florida as reported by Jon Heyman, this is some good news.

On May 24th, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reported that the MLB plans to offer the Player’s Union a new proposal regarding salaries, as their last one that was approved by the owners did not work out so well with the players.

The first proposal’s health safety restrictions were not the problem, but the way the players were going to be compensated was what the players had an issue with.

It has been a very messy situation, but things are looking up as of late.

In news as recent as today, the players and the MLB will be meeting to discuss plans for the 2020 season.

All we can hope is that the two sides can strike a deal as soon as possible that is approved by all and is fair to all, as the window for a 2020 baseball season is shortening every day.

Everyone involved wants baseball this year, and a deal should be made sooner rather than later.

Featured Image: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
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