The Giants have told DeAndre Baker not to attend any of the voluntary online training events and focus on his legal issues.

Deandre Baker surrendered himself to the Miramar Police Department on Saturday, May 16th. He was booked on four counts of armed robbery and four additional counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. Baker remained overnight in the jail until his bond hearing at the 17th Judicial Court of Florida on May 17th.

While the State Prosecutor sought to have Baker held without bond, Judge Michael Davis granted a bond of $200,000 for Baker to post and be released from jail.

The judge ordered Baker not to leave the state of Florida, surrender his firearms and his concealed carry permit to the court.

Baker later entered a plea of “Not Guilty” during his arraignment.

Baker Apologizes to Giants

After being released from jail, Baker apologized to the NY Giants organization. In addition, Baker has sought to win back the Giants fan base with multiple videos of him working out. His lawyers state he has been “Scared straight”.

Baker’s attorneys have spent most of this week working to collect affidavits that counter any claims that Baker was involved in the incident, including a statement that Baker was actually playing Madden at the party during the time any robbery took place.

Lawyers for Baker and Dunbar Get Nasty

In the meantime, Michael Grieco, the lawyer for Quinton Dunbar (also accused of armed robbery with Baker) posted a pointed Twitter message which was intended to exonerate his client from having any motive for the armed robbery.

The problem is the message he included implicated Baker directly of losing up to $70,000 in gambling days ahead of the supposed armed robbery. This prompted Baker’s attorney, Patrick G. Patel, to threaten to file an imminent lawsuit against Grieco for libel and slander of Baker’s reputation. So, while Baker and Dunbar appear to be friends, the lawyers for each are apparently willing to go toe-to-toe in the ring.

Giants Players Are Silent on Baker

As the Giants players have been made available this week for media interviews, any discussion of Deandre Baker and Baker’s legal struggles has been quickly scuttled or avoided altogether.

Daniel Jones was asked about Baker and quickly stated he has been instructed not to address any questions about Baker.

There is no timetable for the Giants’ to make any decisions on Baker.

  1. Baker and his legal team will need to work hard to have these charges reduced or completely dropped by the State of Florida.
  2. The NFL and NFLPA will weigh in on the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy. With the new CBA in place, this is an arbitrator’s decision.
  3. Once discipline by the court and the NFL is known, the Giants’ decision may already be made for them.
  4. Baker is already under the scrutiny of the court of public opinion.

So, as Baker’s legal woes play out, the Giants continue with their voluntary off-season program. Some states are beginning to relax ‘stay at home’ COVID-19 guidelines.

Joe Judge has stated the Giants are looking into alternative sites to gather the team if New Jersey cannot relax its COVID-19 posture yet.
Clearly, the focus is on working to bring the team together.

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