With Masahiro Tanaka’s current contract, he is set to become a free agent after 2020, and the Yankees should not let that happen.

The 31-year-old Tanaka has been an integral part of the Yankees rotation ever since he has been a Yankee, and has shown that he is clutch in the Postseason.

Over his six-year career, Tanaka has put up a 3.75 ERA, an ERA+ of 113, a FIP of 3.88 and a WHIP of 1.128.

His ERA is the smallest bit high, his ERA+ is above league average, and his FIP is just above average.

For regular season stats, these are pretty good.

Tanaka injured his elbow in the middle of his rookie year in 2014, and a lot of people have been waiting for his elbow to explode since he opted to go for rehab rather than Tommy John surgery. Everyone who has waited for that has been very wrong so far.

He’s defied the odds with his pitching since then, and it’s almost as if Tanaka saves himself during the regular season so he can really turn it on in October. The Postseason is where Tanaka really shines. Tanaka’s ERA is an astounding 1.76 and he has an insanely low .783 WHIP in the playoffs.

He really turns it on in the Postseason and the stats show it.

Tanaka is set to become a free agent after this season, and with his Yankees resume, he very much deserves to stay a part of this team following this season.

Tanaka has established himself as a reliable veteran and an important part of this team. With Tanaka on the roster, he can teach and guide the up-and-coming prospects, while still pitching well.

Hopefully, we see Tanaka on the bump in pinstripes in 2021.

Featured Image: Kevin Sousa/USA Today Sports
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