Adam Fox has had an amazing rookie year and New York Rangers fans have grown to love the play of this defenseman.

Fox is underrated and isn’t talked about as much as other rookies. Not only does Fox play great defense, but he can play well offensively too.

While Fox has had some great goals this season, the assists and plays that Fox can create are amazing to watch and has helped this team become better.

Here are the Top 5 assists from Adam Fox this season.

5) Rangers @ Columbus Blue Jackets – 02/14/2020

This assist was great because the game was tied in the third period.

Fox has great passing here and it allows Kreider to be wide open for a hard shot.

4) Colorado Avalanche  @ Rangers – 01/07/2020

This game was against one of the top teams in the league and the Rangers managed to come back and win.

This assist from Fox is precise, the passing between him and Panarin allows Skjei to hit a slap shot and score.

3) Rangers @ Dallas Stars – 03/10/2020

Adam Fox not only scores in this game, but he makes a great assist to Kaapo Kakko.

The passing is quick between Fox and Zibanejad, which allows Kakko to sneakily tuck the puck from the side of the net.

2. New Jersey Devils @ Rangers – 01/09/2020

Fox opens up this game with an assist to Panarin. There is great communication here as the passes are quick, but controlled. I see this goal as a representation of how well this team can work together. Fox is just a rookie and plays well with top players such as Panarin and Zibanejad.

1) Rangers @ Montreal Canadiens – 02/27/2020

This is one of the best, if not the best, the game of the season for the Rangers. It was a huge comeback win that showed how this team doesn’t give up.

The Rangers were down 2-0 until the late second period. Adam Fox opens the scoring with a beautiful and smooth pass to Di Giuseppe.

Adam Fox is such a great player all around and deserves as much talk as any other rookie out there.
Fans should be excited to watch Fox grow and to see what contributions will be made to the team.

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