The mock drafts are complete.  The “Top 100” and “Top 150” Prospect Lists are published by NFL’s draft experts.
At 8:00pm EDT on April 23,2020, rumors start to turn into facts.
At 9:00pm EDT, the Giants could be “on the clock” preparing to make the team’s first pick in this draft.

The NFL and all 32 teams participated in at least one “Test Draft” to make sure all IT connections were in full operation for this one-of-a-kind virtual draft.  There are stories of hiccups on the first NFL “Mock Draft” at the very beginning of the test.  But John Elway and others confirmed things smoothed out after that.

Some teams are using panels of video and computer screens, multiple Zoom connections, dedicated WiFi, fully cabled (hardwired) internet connections…anything imaginable to make sure there is no interruption of service.

One team even acquired a Winnebago parked in GM’s driveway as its “Draft Room”.

Certainly, there will be stories for the ages coming from all participants in this draft.  Not just about how excited teams are for the picks they’ve made, or from new NFL players and the excitement of playing for their new team.

No, there will be legendary tales of how the virtual draft process unfolded. Who, if anyone, was in the basement with the Commissioner as he opened the draft and announced the picks?  This may be the first draft where Roger Goodell isn’t booed.   How did the GM, the Coach, and the draft staff keep control of the clock time and phones as picks drop from 15 minutes down to 5 minutes? Were the kids sent off to read and told not to be on the family Wifi during the draft? Was everyone that needed to be muted truly on mute?

A Really Solid Giants Opportunity

The Giants can come away as real winners of this draft.  The team is in a great position with a top 5 pick and a total of 10 picks right now.

With a No. 4 pick, the team can select that player that Dave Gettleman refers to as a “Gold Jacket” contributor to the team’s success.

Will they select the defensive playmaker the team still needs?  Will they select the blindside protector of Daniel Jones for the next decade?
Will they trade back and add more picks to this year’s (and maybe next year’s) draft?

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