Arguably one of the best baseball players to ever play the game and Yankees star, Alex Rodriguez, could potentially become the owner of the New York Mets.

Yesterday, multiple reports came out about A-Rod and Jennifer Lopez retaining JPMorgan Chase to raise money for a bid on the New York Mets.

Alex Rodriguez grew up a Mets fan, and if he wins the bid, he will finally be a part of them. He had an amazing career in the MLB, but never got to play for his childhood team. He played for their rivals in the Bronx instead, and had some amazing success with them.

With this bid, however, there has been some skepticism.

Even with this, Rodriguez very well still could win the bid on the Mets. Although Derek Jeter does have a better reputation throughout the MLB, as he did not use PEDs, Rodriguez has built his reputation back up and is now a widely respected person in the baseball world. He may have been hated when he played, but a great deal of people have changed their mind on where they stand on A-Rod, and many do like him now.

What would be very interesting is if A-Rod does win the bid, he and Jeter would both own teams in the National League East.

Jeter and A-Rod had a bit of a rivalry throughout the years, as A-Rod had some choice words for Jeter in the media. A few years after these words, the two became teammates. In addition, when the two sat down for an interview back in 2017, one could very easily see that the relationship has not really been smoothed over.

If their rivalry transitioned to the teams that they owned, being the Mets and the Marlins, that really would be something.

A Yankee legend could very well be the owner of the Mets, and that will have to take some getting used to if it actually happens.

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