Baseball fans are clamoring for their sport, as Opening Day was supposed to be on March 26th.
We’ve been without baseball for too long, and at this point, many fans, like myself, will take baseball in any way possible.

What gives baseball fans hope is that there is still professional baseball being played right now!

On April 12th and just this morning, there is and was baseball being played in China. They are playing without fans, but baseball is baseball.

I’ve been watching a lot of baseball highlights the last few days, and I will gladly incorporate any new baseball highlights from 2020, no matter where they are from. Chinese League baseball highlights? I haven’t seen those yet. Sounds perfect.

Here in the States, though, the MLB is working to have any kind of season, and as soon as possible. In the last few days and weeks, some reports have come out with possible plans for a baseball season in 2020.

One report was that the MLB will play in their Spring Training facilities in Arizona and Florida. The divisions would be realigned since with the distance between some of the facilities, it would be difficult to play with the regular divisions as the result of the current circumstances.

That sounds great to me. If the Yankees need to play in a different kind of division to play baseball in 2020, so be it. Now, of course, I am not a player, so I do not know how they feel, and hopefully, they would be okay with this plan if it were in place.

Another report from ESPN had the MLB being played in a completely different country.

MLB baseball in Japan! The Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners played a two-game set in Japan in 2019 on March 20th and 21st, and we may get a full season of it in 2020. Again, any baseball is great, and if this plan were to be put into fruition, hopefully, the MLB teams and players would be willing to play there.

But of course, all of these reports may not actually happen.

Hopefully, MLB baseball returns in 2020. With everything going on in the world, knowing that MLB baseball would come back soon would definitely help put some people’s minds at ease.

If it means that I’d be watching baseball at different times since it’s being played in Japan, then so be it. Baseball is baseball.

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