As uncertainty builds in this COVID-19 pandemic, some of the answers to what a “new normal” looks like could be relatively simple.
The cycle of life is humbling in its start and in its end.

The cycle of a pandemic specifically with such varied responses can clear the veneer of class structure, comparisons of wealth, and petty feelings allowed in times of safety. More will see the similarities, even if temporary, between us and how people react to these stressful situations are more similar too. Bonds strengthen, while superficial relationships fall away. The overall point being players are going to experience these times in similar ways us as fans will. We’re both human beings at the end of the day, and this crisis can market correct players being loyal to teams and cities.

It can also hasten rocky or surface relationships breaking apart for free agents, stars, and bench players alike. The previous notions we based our thoughts on may now be outdated. The very idea of bringing the city to the pennant will carry the weight of the lives stopped short, robbed of the experience of life from something out of control.

The business of the NBA will adapt, and players are still going to have control of their future, but their motives will be centered on the values developed in their individual answer to the pandemic. The bonds that strengthen in these times will ultimately have more weight or power to impact these players as they decide where to take their talents, especially if a current situation isn’t working out.

We touched on one of them when the first mentions of a rift between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. Predicting things without reason or rationale isn’t wise, and since that is the only reported rifts mentioned since the COVID-19 reality set in. In another piece earlier this year, another player who’s been made available towards the end of the deadline in Kelly Oubre Jr.

Kelly Oubre Jr

While they’re not alone, they do fit a bit of a profile, at least as far as it goes, a young man finding their place in the world. Kelley Oubre has blossomed into a true three-level scorer with showmanship that can’t be ignored unless the Sun’s aren’t on national TV.  Overgeneralizing and analyzing a young man I’ve never met, from his time at Washington, he’s always been a competitor, and while not perfect, he seems to be up for the challenge and won’t shy away from the ever escaping “moment.”

Donovan Mitchell

Looking at Mitchell, he’s been very mature ever since he was drafted, seems like a great teammate, and has been the main offensive driver for a repeat playoff appearances. A “pros” pro in how he carries himself on and off the court. Both have had games where their volume gets the best of them, but no player is perfect.

For information on the latest from the CDC, please click HERE.

For more detailed global information regarding trends, please click HERE. You can find similar/comparatively trend data from John Hopkins.

Lastly, these are just two players in a league filled with unique and complex bonds and relationships, which, without a doubt, will be shaped as our lives will be from the crisis.

Instead of basing predictions on past outcomes, we will lean into the uncertainty of the moment and find some answers for the future from within, as best and respectfully as we can.

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