That is the question on the minds of many Giants’ fans as we are within two weeks of the NFL Draft.

Dave Gettleman has never traded down in a draft.  Dave has traded up in the draft.  Last year, he traded up into the first Round to grab DeAndre Baker as the first CB off the board.  As a GM for the Carolina Panthers and the New York Giants, Dave has made a total of 45 draft picks.  This will be his eighth draft as a GM.

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Quite frankly, Gettleman’s first two drafts for the Giants have been really good.  As the Giants approach this 2020 Draft, there are holes to fill (for sure).  But, the overload of 1st Round quality players at positions of need has the Giants (and fans) considering a trade back from pick #4 to accumulate more picks.  The Giants already have 10 picks in this draft.

The quantity of picks gives them the flexibility to move back early or even move up in later in mid to late rounds.

Let’s consider the options.


Trading Back from Pick No. 4

The Giants already have their franchise QB and top tier skill-position weapons on the roster.  They need defensive playmakers (Edge, Safety, Slot CB) and offensive line help (LT, RT, C).

There are a multitude of Year-One starters at these positions in this draft.  This opens up the possibility that the QB-needy teams that pick behind the Giants (see Dolphins, Chargers, Colts, Patriots(?), Raiders(?), Jaguars (?)) may want to leap the other needy teams to grab their QB.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins (5, 18, 26) and Raiders (12, 19) have multiple Round 1 picks.  Miami also has two Round 2 picks.  They are loaded and can outbid any team to move up.  But, at #5 and knowing the Giants aren’t picking a QB, how real is a trade with Miami?  Unless the Dolphins are worried about the Chargers or another team leaping over them, trade with the Giants seems unlikely.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers, with single picks in the first three rounds (#6, #37, #71), could put a trade proposal on the table to the Giants and try to leap over the Dolphins.  But, if they do, the Giants can make a quick call to Miami and see if they want to top any Chargers’ offer.  Nevertheless, moving back to #6 and gaining #37 plus more in later rounds would be a win for the Giants.

Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders have QB Derek Carr and the sixth-most efficient offense from 2019 (per ESPN).  Carr is signed through the 2022 season, but the guaranteed money (per Dan Graziano and ends in 2020.  There is a lot of discussions that they may be considering a QB change. They just signed Marcus Mariota as a free agent (and former Titans starting QB).  If they value Justin Herbert or Tua Tagovailoa over Jordan Love or Jalen Hurts, then they have the motivation and the draft capital to make it happen.  They could leap over the Dolphins and the Chargers and take their choice of the remaining top QBs (assuming Cincinnati takes a QB).

Trading #4 for the Raiders’ #12, #19, and a Round 3 (#80) pick would leave the Giants in a great position to fill OT and solid defensive players in Round 1.  This also leaves the Giants #36 pick available to select a top Center or another OT.  The Giants would be well on their way to filling gaping holes and recover a decent 3rd Round pick.

New England Patriots

Given the connection of the Giants’ coaching staff to Bill Belichick, one cannot dismiss a Patriots’ (#23) trade-up scenario.   The Patriots have 12 draft picks, and four of the first 100.  But, three of those picks are #87, #98, and #100, hardly exciting and not much improvement on the Giants’ #99 pick.  But, the Pats may be interested in a QB other than Stidham to build the next championship-caliber team.   The Pats have a lot of holes to fill as well.  So, they may elect to focus on trading some of those late 3rd Round picks to move up to the 2nd Round.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Another possibility are the Jaguars (#9 and #20).  There is a report out now that the Jags and the Giants have had discussions involving Edge Yannick Ngakoue coming to the Giants with the #20 pick for the Giants #4 and a mid-round pick.  The Jaguars have Gardner Minshew at QB.  Nick Foles was sent to “da Bears” which clears the way for Minshew to show he can be the starter.  In his starting role in 2019, he did well early but flattened out after teams had some tape to use in developing defensive game plans. Could the Jags be looking at drafting a QB early?

The Giants Stay at No. 4

Dave Gettleman could remain as consistent as he’s been on draft days and stay at #4.  It’s a great spot to get “generational talent” that can be a starter for a decade or more.

Every draft pundit believes the Bengals will take a QB.  Then, the Redskins seem to be set to draft Chase Young, the best player in this draft, and another Edge out of Ohio State (the same school that produced Edge rushing brothers Joey and Nick Bosa).

Detroit Lions are next at #3…or are they?  Recent chatter has them shopping the #3 pick.  Before that, people believe Ohio State’s Jeff Okudah (CB) will be their pick.  The Lions are in a better position to trade back than the Giants.  If they trade back, then there really isn’t much of a market for the Giants to move.

If Detroit stays put at #3, then the cell phones in the Giants’ make-shift draft room(s) should be buzzing away.

The NFL’s 2020 Virtual Draft

With the NFL Draft staying on schedule, but team facilities still closed and people exercising social distancing, this draft will be amazing to view…in whatever mode of fan watching will be available.

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The League personnel, as well as all teams, are shifting to a “virtual” nature using electronic draft boards, video conferencing, and whatever state-of-the-art technology will be introduced for the first time in this draft.

One of the first changes to be announced is that there will be a “32-team mock draft” conducted by all involved in the virtual draft to make sure the technology and the process works and all 32 teams can be connected to the virtual draft center.

The NFL also announced that the three days of the draft will also serve as a fundraiser for ten selected COVID-19 charities and response organizations.

Lastly, The NFL just announced that 58 draft prospects have been invited to the virtual draft.  This is a benefit of the draft being virtual.  More prospects can participate from their homes as the draft happens.

Please remember to stay safe. Stay healthy. Social distancing. Flatten the curve.

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