Pete Alonso has quickly become an outspoken member of the Mets for social causes surrounding the New York community.

I wrote an article detailing my belief that Pete Alonso would emerge as the next prominent face of the Mets. I believed he had the work ethic and drive to become a transcendent baseball talent on the field. In 2019, he didn’t disappoint. Pete accumulated a 5.2 WAR, broke the rookie single-season home run record with 53 home runs, won the home run derby, and the Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year award. He truly had a remarkable and historic season for a first-year player.

My prediction came into fruition, but not only because of Pete’s tremendous on the field talent but with the way he carries himself off the field. He clearly understands his platform as a successful athlete in New York and has represented himself in a way all role models should. 

Pete has become a true New Yorker, especially with his efforts surrounding 9/11. He urged MLB to allow the Mets to take the field with hats representing the first responders that bravely acted on that tragic day. MLB allowed the Mets to wear these hats during their first game back from 9/11 in 2001, but since, have refused the approval to wear non-uniform approved hats. Pete quickly transitioned to creating custom cleats for his teammates that represented the first responders. 

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Currently, with the outbreak of COVID-19 affecting so many of us around the world, Pete again has taken the opportunity to give back. He is currently pledging which is promoting how we can all stay healthy during this pandemic while we are socially distancing. It also lists charitable organizations that are giving back to the health field, to businesses that are no longer able to run due to the inability to gather in public, and global efforts in assisting those who may not have the same resources as we do in the United States. Pete is also now on Cameo where he is giving personal shout outs to his biggest fans, where he is giving a portion of the proceeds to his charitable foundation “Homers for Heroes.”  

Pete has not only been reaching out to Mets fans on social media, writing positive messages on keeping our spirits high and sharing his same feelings of missing the great game of baseball, but he has been personally sending video shout outs to various members of the community. He has reached out to fans that are sick to lift their spirits, he has made a video thanking our healthcare workers, who have been working heroically to battle this virus day in and day out, and he even reached out to assist me. 

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I’m currently a 2nd grade teacher within the Washingtonville Central School District, located in Orange County NY. Due to the virus outbreak, like many schools within the nation, our schools have been closed and we have transitioned to distance learning. This has been no easy feat, especially at the elementary level.

Our team has worked tirelessly in creating user-friendly lessons to keep the children’s spirits high as they now are learning from their homes. I reached out to Pete on twitter and with the help of his mother, Michelle, Pete took the time to read a story from his childhood for our school district. The reaction from our student population has been overwhelmingly positive, from both parents and students. One small video, was able to make a whole school district smile when smiling isn’t the easiest thing to do at this current time. 

Pete is truly what a role model should be as an athlete. He plays the game with passion and intensity, giving it his all. He also embraces the community he is playing for and takes his own time to give back, send some positive messages, and to lift the spirits of those around him. He truly is the face of the Mets, and the Mets are extremely fortunate to have him. 

From all of Mets Nation and from the Washingtonville School District, We thank you, Pete. 

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