According to Yahoo! Sports, on Monday, Mar 30th, Jay Williams suggested the NBA Playoffs should be played on a cruise ship.

While that is a fun idea, it is also just completely infeasible. Sure, many sports fans and especially NBA fans would welcome the resumed season, it just is not going to happen.

Another infeasible idea in 2020 is multisport athletes. Sure there was Jim Thorpe, Bo Jackson, Dion Sanders, and Michael Jordan, but the idea of a multisport athlete in today’s sports universe is impossible due to the increased level of competition, around-the-clock training, and a necessity for tireless preparation…not to mention Thorpe, Jackson, Sanders, and Jordan are all top-tier athletes.

However, what if some Yankees decided to try it out? The ideas are getting crazy enough with the cruise ship…

What if the Knicks (or Nets) asked the Yankees to send some reinforcements for the playoff run on the cruise ship?

Since all reason was tossed overboard by Williams, assume the Knicks were in a playoff spot and packing their Hawaiian shirts and sunscreen for the NBA Playoff Cruise and all of their rosters was deathly seasick.

Of course, they would call up the Yankees to build a squad.

Here is what the New York Yank-Knicks would look like.

Point Guard 

Brett Gardner would be ruining point. The crafty 5’10 veteran has seen the game and knows how to create opportunities for his teammates.

The pass-first point guard is also a nightmare on the defensive side of the ball…and he’s willing to take a technical to rally the squad if the referee makes a bad call

Shooting Guard

Masahiro Tanaka had a 2.0 walk/9 in 2019 and that ability to find the strike zone translates to a lethal accuracy from behind the arc.

The sharpshooting guard from Japan is not the fastest player on the court, but he does not have to be as long as he is making his 3-pointers.

Small Forward

Aaron Hicks compares the inability on the hardwood to Kawhi Leonard. This defense-first forward gets the job done, but also quietly produces over 20 points a night for his squad.

Power Forward

Aaron Judge is the star of this Yankee basketball team. He led his high school team in scoring at 18.2 points a game and uses his strength and size to bully players down low.

Aaron Judge is known for his home run ability, and he can also utilize the long ball in basketball with a lethal 3-point game to pair nicely with his paint play.


With Judge doing most of the scoring down low, Giancarlo Stanton’s role on the team is protecting the paint and grabbing rebounds. He compliments nicely to Judge offensively, but his explosiveness in the paint just is not thereafter injury.

Featured Image: Keith Allison/Flickr
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