Artemi Panarin has been a huge addition to the New York Rangers. Panarin has contributed each game and has made himself a fan favorite. Panarin has had some great goals this season, and with the NHL season on a pause due to the COVID-19 virus here are the top five goals from Artemi Panarin this season.

5. Winnipeg Jets @ New York Rangers – October 3, 2019

This was the first game of the season for the Rangers and Panarin stood out right away. Panarin picks up the puck and slaps it at an angle to get it past Hellebuyck.

4. New York Rangers @ Anaheim Ducks – December 14, 2019

This goal shows how skilled Panarin is. Panarin is in a spot just waiting for the puck to be passed. Once Panarin has the puck, the puck is shot hard and fast to make a fire goal.

3. New York Rangers @ New York Islanders – February 25, 2020

This goal is a favorite because the set up beforehand is great. The passing is beautiful and once Panarin has the puck, the shot is wide open with no one guarding the net.

2. New York Rangers @ Washington Capitals – October 18, 2019

This goal is pretty to look at. Panarin manages to control the puck and skate through two defensemen to score a smooth goal.

1.  Detroit Red Wings @ New York Rangers – January 31, 2020

This goal is the top goal of the season because of how it all plays out. How it begins and how it ends is incredible. It begins with a great pass to Panarin for a breakaway. Panarin then controls the puck to get past the Red Wings defense and scores a goal.

These are my picks for the top 5 goals by Panarin this season so far. Panarin has been such a significant addition to the team. Everyone is going through a hard time without sports right now, but here are some goals that can give fans some hope.

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