For the first time since the 2019 MLB All-Star Break, none of the four major American sports are in action.
The big difference is instead of a three-day break, sports fans do not know when their beloved games and athletes will return.

How can fans pass the time without sports, especially when the government is recommending everyone stays at home?

A few Wegryn Enterprises contributors peeled back the curtain on their sports-less quarantine. Hopefully, other sports fans can try out some of their coping mechanisms.

Erin // Islanders Nation

“I’m just catching up on my reading at this time without sports.  I work in the publishing industry, so I’m using the free time to read bestsellers and other books I should have read a long time ago to keep up with the times and trends.”

It is unfortunate it took a pandemic to push sports fans to read, but nevertheless, books can be an amazing supplement to sports obsession.

Of course, Erin is a lifelong reader as she works in publishing, but more sports fans need to be like Erin. Here are some books to read while sports are on pause.

For baseball fans and Yankee fans, in particular, some specific recommendations are:

Mission 27: A New Boss, a New Ballpark, and One Last Ring for the Yankees’ Core Four

This book is an awesome walk down memory lane written by Brian Hoch, a Yankee writer for Every Yankee fan knows what happened in 2009, but Hoch has an inside look in the clubhouse and the Yankees latest run to the Fall Classic. Even the most knowledgeable Yankee fan will learn a lot.

Season Ticket 

Roger Angell is arguably the best baseball writer ever, and in this book, many of his detailed and lovely articles about baseball in the 1980s are cobbled together. Angell turns 100 years old this year, and readers can really get a sense of his wisdom and love of baseball in this book. The way he writes about baseball and interviews players will make every fan fall in love with baseball all over again, and make them yearn for Opening Day (whenever it is) even more.

Alexandria // Rangers Nation

“Without sports, I’ve been focusing on starting a consistent workout routine to keep me preoccupied. I’ve also started to watch new shows, particularly comedies, to keep my mind distracted from what we are dealing with.”

There seem to be a million streaming services out there providing infinite content to binge.

One sports-related comedy to watch is “Brockmire.”

Streaming on Hulu and the fourth season airing on IFC, it is about a baseball announcer who is eventually called on to save the game.

Here is a long list of comedies on Netflix if you want to be like Alexandria and laugh a little to forget about the pandemic.

If comedies are not enough to escape the coronavirus, how about Disney movies? Even though The Yankees Nation Podcast is dedicated to Yankees talk, the hosts Austin, Nick, and Tim are now devoting a segment of each episode to a movie review.

Listen to their podcast here.

Even without sports, they are posting up to two episodes a week and their light-hearted banter about baseball and life will surely brighten listeners’ days.

In their upcoming episode, the guys are reviewing Frozen 2, be sure to check it out.

Brian // Giants Nation

“For the last two weeks, I’ve been neck-deep in contingency planning to both support the battle against COVID-19 and to plan for any eventual telework scenario for my employees.  We have people managing the medical supplies for the ships in the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet, and people aboard the Navy Hospital Ship, the USNS Comfort.  They are today’s heroes. And in a spare moment, I’ll catch up on past Giants (and Yankees) games on YouTube. But, the NFL is still in full motion…so I will blog away! Stay safe and stay healthy!”

Pretty amazing stuff from Brian here, but just in case working with the navy to save the world is not enough to pass the time without sports, try reading Brian’s writing at Giants Nation, or hitting up YouTube.

MLB posted every game from the last ten years onto YouTube. These are the directions to find said games on YouTube.

Specific recommendations are:

2014 AL Wild Card game…this game is amazing. It features two scrappy teams, one with power and one that…well, one that stole seven (7!!!!) bases in the 2014 AL Wild Card Game…

2019 Twins vs Yankees slugfest 

2018 Cubs vs Braves comeback 

As for football games, try pursuing and enjoying these historic games on YouTube.

Shannon // Red Bulls Nation

“Here’s my list: Staring into space. Watching the news. Playing games on my phone. Scrolling through Twitter and Facebook switching between  and  while reading about the virus spreading and seeing the meme gold that has come from it. Watching soccer games I had kept on the DVR. Spraying switches and doorknobs down with bleach spray in between other activities. And today since it’s day 1 of at least the next two weeks of school at home, I’m getting ready to pull my hair out as my kid takes his 27th “break” already?‍♀️ . I’m really starting to get bored though and I miss my soccer very much.”

The trouble with watching old baseball and football games is, for the most part, fans know what happens. That missing suspense can take some of the fun out of watching.

Therefore, now is a good time to get into a new sport. Soccer is a global game just beginning to make an impact in USA media and fan consciousness. Get ahead of the pack and find a favorite soccer team. Research the players, their history, watch old games that you do not know the ending to.

A lot of cities have MLS teams, and NYC Sports Nation covers the Red Bulls and NYCFC.

While it is important to stay informed by watching the news like Shannon, everyone needs a mental break, and soccer can be that new outlet. It is also important to follow the protocol passed down from the government for social distancing.

While all sports fans miss their sports, like Shannon’s soccer, it is important to remember this pandemic is bigger than sports. The games will return.

It is tough for everyone. Use all these recommend nations and reach out to friends for more ways to pass the time.
But most importantly, stay safe…and remember, sports will be back before long. This wait will make the first pitch, opening kickoff, and puck drop that much more special.

Featured Image: New York Post
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