Let’s all take a collective breath.

Here’s a recap of this harrowing week.

  • Lose an Hour.  Sunday brought daylight savings time.  Most everyone in the USA lost an hour of sleep and a rough Monday morning to work.
  • Full Moon.  Monday night brought us a Full Moon.  Werewolves and other crazies dominate the night.
  • Friday the 13th.  The stigma of bad luck is all people think when there’s a Friday the 13th.  The only balance to that is that it’s March, and March brings the luck of the Irish.  But those Leprechauns can be just as devilish as they can be full of luck.
  • COVID-19.  Add to all this a growing coronavirus pandemic that is shutting down global sports, entertainment, and business.  I think you all will agree this week will live in infamy. 
Photo: CDC

COVID-19 is nothing to take lightly folks.  Please listen to and adhere to the medical experts.  If you have any symptoms (fever, cough, asthma, sore throat, etc.), please contact your doctor and limit your contact with other people.  And practice “Social Distancing”.  Virtual high fives, elbow fives, toe taps…all-new ways of saying “Nice job!”

Now Onto the Sports Week That Wasn’t

With the pandemic in rapid acceleration, the other buzz phrase is “Flatten the Curve.”  Medical experts recommended against large crowds which would spread COVID faster.

To limit exposure and protect the population, professional sports lead the way in action.

  • NBA—Postponed remaining games and playoffs
  • NHL—Postponed remaining games and playoffs
  • XFL—Canceled remaining games and playoffs
  • PGA—Postponed the rest of The Players Championship and all events through The Masters
  • March Madness—Canceled all remaining league championships and the tournaments
  • MLB—Postponed Spring Training; Season Start Delayed

What it Means for the NFL

  • NFL—Canceled all remaining Pro Days; Canceled all remaining Team Visits for Free Agency & Draft Picks
  • NFL Owners cancel Annual Meeting which was to be in late March
  • NFLPA extends the CBA vote to Saturday, March 14th
  • Owners then extend Franchise/Transition tag to 11:59:59 am Monday, March 16th
  • Free Agent negotiations delayed until Noon on Monday, March 16th
  • Free Agent Signing begins at 4pm EDT on March 18th

Is There Any Good News to Report This Week?

Why yes. Yes, there is good news. And even better…it’s good news for the Giants!

Photo: New York Giants

The Giants were awarded three additional picks in this year’s draft.  This brings the total number of draft picks to 10 for 2020.  This wasn’t unexpected.  The Giants received a 3rd round pick for the Redskins signing of Landon Collins.  They received an additional two 7th round picks for other free agent signings from 2019.  The Giants will pick last in this year’s draft, selecting “Mr. Irrelevant.”

Got Film?

Prior to everyone on the Giants staff being recalled from Pro days around the country, there were scouts, coaches, and staff watching prospective draft picks, looking to narrow down the choices and shape the draft board.

With no more travel, the Giants will rely on the miles of game tape and all the notes from scouts, Senior Bowl and Combine interviews and workouts to make the final rack and stack.

Will GM Dave use the Franchise Tag on Leonard Williams?

Rumors were circulating early in the week that the Giants and Leonard Williams were not close in terms of getting a long term deal done. Dave said at the Combine that he knew the media would kill him if he didn’t sign Williams, especially after giving up two picks for him.  IF Dave uses the Franchise Tag on Leonard, it would allow another window of time to get a deal done by Summer.  This is highly possible.

Giants “Steps” This Week

The Giants signed Elijhaa Penny (FB) to a deal this week.  Penny played

Photo: —

in all 16 games last season, mostly on special teams.  He also was used as a lead blocker for Saquon Barkley.

The Giants also signed David Mayo (LB) to what is reported as a 3-year deal.  Mayo joined the Giants just before the 2019 season started and was a very productive inside linebacker.  He moved into the starting lineup after Ryan Connelly went down with his knee injury.

Mayo was 2nd in tackles last year.  He will get every opportunity to compete for playing time now that Ogletree is gone.  We do expect Connelly to come back and be a force in the middle.

Unless the Giants add more ILBs via free agency and the draft, the inside LB combo could be Mayo and Connelly.  The Giants need speed and instinct at ILB.  We’ll see what happens.

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Big George Asafo-Adjei (OT), a 7th round draft pick last year, failed his physical this week and was released by the Giants.  George suffered a concussion during the 2019 preseason, was placed on injured reserve just before the season started, and never made it back.  Good luck Big George!

Happy New Year!

With all other sports on hold, the NFL will dominate sports talk and reporting over the next 1-2 weeks as the NFL’s new year gets underway next Wednesday and the free agency takes off.  We’ll be giving you the action as it happens.

In the meantime, stay safe; stay healthy; be kind to each other.

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