Another spring training has begun, and another multitude of Yankees injuries had started even before the Yankees stepped on the field for the first time.

Luis Severino had Tommy John surgery for an injury sustained against the Astros in last season’s ALCS and will miss the entire 2020 season.

James Paxton had a cyst removed in February and will likely be back in action around May.

These are pretty serious injuries, and those are just for the pitchers. With the fielders, the injuries have also been pretty bad.

With Paxton and Severino out for some time, the Yankees needed two starters to fill their rotation, and two former South Carolina Gamecocks have stepped up.

Jordan Montgomery, who already has some big league experience, is already a lock for the Yankees rotation. Once Paxton was out, it was looking very likely that Montgomery would be slotted into the fifth starter role, and he solidified that with his Spring Training outings. However, with the injuries, Montgomery will be the fourth starter.

Clarke Schmidt, the Yankees’ 2017 first-round pick, has also impressed plenty of people with how he has pitched in Spring Training.

Schmidt has shown great control in his pitches and he really may have a chance at being the Yankees’ fifth starter. In seven innings pitched this Spring, Schmidt has a 2.71 ERA and a 1.71 WHIP.
He may just need a little bit longer in the minors, but when he pitches, one can tell that he is quite close to having a major league role.

Featured Image: Kyle Franko/Trentonian Photo
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